Example sentences of "[coord] it be widely [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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1 All posts are subject to the local government superannuation scheme and it is widely acknowledged that this is one of the most attractive schemes offered anywhere .
2 The one-year course is only to lay down the foundations of good technical training — and it is widely recognised that the course simply pushes the student into the profession with enough practical experience to find his or her feet .
3 IBM now has 13 autonomous business units , with nine focused on specific product lines , and it is widely suggested that some of these need heavyweight industry veterans to run them effectively .
4 Hitler 's confidence in early victory made a deep impression , and it was widely believed that the final push would begin in March or April .
5 Gingrich had been the first to lay formal charges which had led to the resignation on June 6 of the Speaker of the House of Representatives , Jim Wright [ see p. 36650 ] , and it was widely believed that his own investigation had been initiated in revenge in April by Representative Bill Alexander ( Dem. , Arkansas ) who on Oct. 26 filed new charges against Gingrich for alleged misuse of campaign funds and of congressional stationery .
6 In his letter of Aug. 14 Saddam had underlined his determination " not to keep any of Iraq 's potential outside the arena of the great duel " and it was widely believed that this implied either an intention to consolidate Iraqi gains in Kuwait or launch an attack against Saudi Arabia .
7 The trial was expected to continue for some time and it was widely believed that evidence would be given which would incriminate politicians still active .
8 No organization claimed responsibility and it was widely speculated that it had been a mistake by ETA .
9 He said the prison was close to anarchy and it was widely known that there was a strong risk of violence .
10 Self-promotion of that sort may be a matter for amused comment , but it is widely accepted that one may choose one 's Place in the pecking order , or try to , and that in Britain parentage does not irreversibly define class .
11 Much has been said and written as to how exactly the miracle is performed , but it is widely agreed that a relatively stable group of large general electronics companies in Japan did succeed in the 1970S and 1980S in being continuously innovative in terms of products and markets .
12 But it is widely expected that further heads will have to roll if the discredited Communist Party is to retrieve the situation .
13 There 's been plenty of speculation about what will be cut and what will be taxed , but it 's widely expected that there 'll be a big increase in the scope of VAT .
14 The law was welcomed by leading Soviet journalists , but it was widely assessed that true press freedom would only be achieved when state control of paper production and of distribution and ownership of print works was ended .
15 The two drivers were later charged with dangerous driving , but it was widely suspected that they had been acting on orders .
16 Whether Mrs Thatcher herself was implicated in the leak is not known , but it was widely believed that Brittan resigned to save her skin .
17 I was lucky enough not to be on his list , but it was widely believed that there were more arrests to come .
18 Wingti 's position was improved by the defection to his government of a further six MPs , but it was widely assumed that some of those not rewarded with Cabinet office were unlikely to remain permanently within the government coalition .
19 Occasionally it was conceded that New York had elements of sophistication but it was widely appreciated that film tastes and standards were determined in the populous and philistine Midwest .
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