Example sentences of "[coord] it is [adv] recognise [that] " in BNC.

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1 The one-year course is only to lay down the foundations of good technical training — and it is widely recognised that the course simply pushes the student into the profession with enough practical experience to find his or her feet .
2 Research shows that many debilitating diseases are often precipitated by stress , and it is well recognised that conditions like heart disease , gastric ulcers , mental illness , colitis , hypertension , skin disorders and several others have their origin in stressful situations .
3 The risks involved are thus extremely high , and it is generally recognised that close management control of these companies by the venture capital funds in necessary , as compared with the more remote approach of investors on the Stock Exchange .
4 Obviously , it does not suddenly become safe to steepen the climb at a certain height , and it is now recognised that the angle should be progressively steepened .
5 And it is now recognised that the great mountain chains are always found on the side of the continental plate facing the direction of its drift .
6 Far dimmer and simpler than ours , but they certainly exist , and it is now recognised that they can and do suffer from stress .
7 The significance of migrating larvae of S. vulgaris in natural cases of colic is difficult to assess , but it is generally recognised that where strongyle infections of horses are efficiently controlled the incidence of colic is markedly decreased .
8 It was for many years claimed to be the earliest example of the true arch in Europe , but it is now recognised that it was constructed in the sixth century as an open drain and that it was only roofed over with its present stone vault of three concentric rings of radiating voussoirs in 184 B.C. Its exit into the Tiber can still be seen in Rome near the Ponte Rotto ( 68 ) .
9 The migrating larval stages in large numbers may cause a transient pneumonia , but it is now recognised that many cases of so-called " Ascaris pneumonia " may be attributable to other infections , or to piglet anaemia .
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