Example sentences of "[coord] it is [adv] assume [that] " in BNC.

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1 The household is often treated as a unit of consumption , and it is frequently assumed that all members of a household have equal access to its resources .
2 Rape is only held to have been committed in English law where the sexual intercourse is ‘ unlawful ’ , and it is generally assumed that the function of that term is to remove non-consensual intercourse between a man and his wife from the ambit of rape .
3 On the other hand the EEC Nine produces only 64% of its consumption of sheep meat and it is generally assumed that the UK with approximately 25% of the EEC sheep flock and as the leading producer of 50% of Community production is well placed to reap some advantage which could be of benefit to the hills and upland areas .
4 Lampreys and hagfishes lack a differentiated stomach , and it is generally assumed that all agnathans were similarly microphagous with no need for a stomach .
5 Myths abound in the heroin community as to the meaning of ‘ notification ’ and ‘ registration ’ and it is generally assumed that all ‘ official ’ agencies are in league with one another .
6 The sense of urgency conveyed by the ‘ Look out ’ indicates the expectation that the pram , complete with baby , will fall over the cliff and perhaps be dashed on the rocks beneath and it is further assumed that this will be-deleterious for the baby .
7 A long tradition associates the organ with Christian worship and it is commonly assumed that every church has one .
8 ( Some 15 other states where the Moral Majority are by no means the silent majority , had hoped to pass similar laws , but it is now assumed that the case will go to appeal and eventually reach the Supreme Court ) .
9 But it is often assumed that so doing is to be following in the footsteps of Marx , when he gave his example of luxury goods production , basing himself on the premise that the sub-department lib produced only goods for capitalist consumption .
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