Example sentences of "[vb pp] [noun pl] [prep] all over the " in BNC.

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1 The novelty of these services meant that the area , as a pioneer development centre , soon attracted visitors from all over the country .
2 Keith Hayes , treasurer of Middlesbrough and District Philatelic Society , which hosted this year 's convention , said it had attracted dealers from all over the North from the Tweed to the Humber .
3 ‘ Even if we celebrated in a small way we would have attracted tourists from all over the world .
4 The auction has attracted enquiries from all over the world .
5 ‘ We have had calls from all over the place .
6 The Mnarja festival had drawn crowds from all over the island .
7 They 've got beers from all over the world in Budgens , Mexican , goodness knows what
8 The start of a reunion which has brought ex-servicemen from all over the country to Oxford .
9 Adderbury in Oxfordshire may not be the home of international tennis , but it 's poached professionals from all over the globe for the Everest National Club league campaign .
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