Example sentences of "[adv] [prep] a long period [prep] " in BNC.

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1 It is only after a long period of counselling that she has at last realised that she has to drop her charge against her father , and to forgive him for not being the person that she longed he should be .
2 Thus there was a confusing number of elements on earth , above it and below it which contributed to the afterlife , representing ideas which had been brought together over a long period of time .
3 He had sought and received asylum in the Senegalese embassy in Conakry only a month after his return home from a long period of exile [ see p. 38181 ] .
4 For the concession of hereditary tenure , though made piecemeal over a long period of time , was universal by the end of the century .
5 ‘ But poisons that would only kill if taken regularly over a long period of time , do they exist ? ’
6 Conversely , some econometricians have argued that it is more cost effective to use a ‘ drip ’ system , advertising more or less continuously over a long period at a very low weight .
7 Much research and attention to artists ' requirements has led to a new breed of synthetic brushes which are highly appropriate for use with acrylics , among other uses , which hold their shape well over a long period of time , are delightfully responsive to use , are superbly controllable , allowing precision work , and are durable enough to resist occasional misuse .
8 I have known you well over a long period of time .
9 In clinical case management there is a recognition that the worker is an important resource , and an awareness that the process of assessment and reassessment is a crucial function , to be discharged by someone who knows the client really well over a long period of time .
10 If the child shows a habit of prolonged crying then instead of expecting him or her to sit there for a long period of time , the first break in crying after a few minutes should be taken by the parent as an opportunity to allow the child to get up .
11 King Edward VII and his Consort , Alexandra , were able to influence international events , particularly in Europe , which continued to be the predominant continent and Britain looked forward to a long period of peaceful influence .
12 People would not welcome a move from their home and if closure went ahead over a long period of time staff would inevitably leave .
13 And subsequently after a long period of time , the opinions of our members generally was that we should change the , the procedure .
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