Example sentences of "[noun sg] was [v-ing] around the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 In contrast the American pairings were a mere nine under par between them , albeit on an afternoon when the wind was swirling around the course causing all sorts of problems with club selection .
2 A butterfly was flapping around the wheelbarrow looking for a fragrance to match the colour of that great metallic flower .
3 From left to right , a spinning maelstrom of snow and rain was sweeping around the block like a tornado .
4 Much rubbish , mostly lengths of steel angle iron and sheet steel was lying around the building and sadly all traces of railway embellishments , fencing , paving lighting and signs had long been swept away , leaving just mud , weeds and scrub .
5 The pathetic , skinny dog was scratching around the dustbin searching for the slightest bit of food , until she took one look at me and shot off with her tail between her legs .
6 Precisely the same thing was happening around the Lancashire towns also , where the ancient commons were enclosed and grabbed by the private speculator for building , as at Oldham .
7 P.C. Torney claimed that Hickson 's story was fabrication , and said the youth was prancing around the room at the police station , boxing and boasting of his prowess as a boxer … as a result of the boisterous behaviour , he caught his eye on a window-ledge .
8 During the early opencast mining period , IBM admits dust containing cyanide , lead and zinc was blowing around the area .
9 Thomasina at this time was fussing around the table .
10 And then his thoughts wandered again and he began to worry about the speed with which the vegetation was growing around the ramparts .
11 One Sunday when our relatives were visiting , the whole family was sitting around the table enjoying a lovely roast dinner when my mum said to my elderly gran : ‘ Mum , is your dinner all right ? ’
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