Example sentences of "[noun sg] was [vb pp] around the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The whole episode was built around the book and before very long , and not for the first time , the fascist implications were there again , not only as far as Alf was concerned but , by implication , involving me too .
2 ‘ The concept for the last album was based around the idea that , if we 're going to use music to stop the destruction of the world , we need to look outwards .
3 Heavy fighting was reported around the cities of Shaqlawa and Sulaimaniya on April 13 in which 150 government troops were said to have been killed .
4 Fighting was concentrated around the towns of Bosanski Brod in the north and Neum in the south .
5 The traditional village was centred around the church with its white walls and red or grey stonework .
6 Mr Evans also claimed signalling difficulties were caused because Capt Brown 's starting flag was wrapped around the stick after the second start .
7 A six-mile exclusion zone was ordered around the ship while a tug towed the casualty further offshore .
8 The little Spring Mill was built around the middle of the 19th century .
9 A 9″ concrete base was laid and after the conservatory was installed by contractors , a double-thickness ( 6″ ) brick wall was built around the edges of the pond , to a height of 2′ 6″ above ground , following the shape of the conservatory .
10 WHEN the famous Green Jacket was draped around the shoulders of Fred Couples last April , the American might well have shuddered .
11 Second-hand machinery was scattered around the yard with new parts and modifications arriving daily .
12 ‘ The dinghy was wrapped around the front of the wheel strut and would n't leave the aircraft because of Derek 's frozen grip on the life-line .
13 An open letter written by a group of Hefei students calling for solidarity was passed around the campuses , as well as tapes of Fang Lizhi 's Shanghai speech , outlining the need for democracy and the importance of intellectual development in China .
14 Sinn Fein 's success was built around the pledge that , if elected , they would refuse to take up their seats in Westminster and set up a separate Irish parliament instead .
15 The method used to spin both types was the same , a short whip of string or leather about eighteen inches in length was wound around the top which was then placed upright on the ground and steadied with one finger .
16 Controlling the way her image was seen around the world ensured that Kylie made the most of her success as her face became familiar all across the globe .
17 The meal was organised around the char which had been caught that afternoon , and Hope was touched at the extravagant praise lobbed his way for the provision of the excellent fish .
18 The most reproducible decrease in urine acid output in response to normal food was observed around the time breakfast was usually eatenand was abolished by 36 hours of treatment with ranitidine .
19 During the Archbishopric of San Carlo Borromeo , a man we shall meet several times on our walks around Milan , the Nail was processed around the city at the height of an outbreak of plague , with immediate results .
20 With the help of Blue Watch and Mr Jackson a halter was fitted around the foal and its feet were hobbled .
21 The brown canvas delivery sack was hidden around the corner on a stone shelf , several inches above the rotten humus that blocked the culvert .
22 A MAJOR financial institution in Britain has been the victim of a £50m computerised theft in which the money was sent around the world in electronic parcels .
23 Most of the Group 's production was centred around the Etruria Works and in Hanley .
24 Pearson made no fewer than eight quota films in one year at Julius Hagen 's Twickenham Studios , where one small stage was occupied around the clock , and pictures that had been scripted in a fortnight were filmed in another two weeks .
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