Example sentences of "[noun sg] of control over the [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 A court must be able to exercise some measure of control over the cases which are brought before it , to prevent injustice to either party and to ensure that the various issues can be fully and effectively dealt with .
2 They might see it as better to take-over their main supplier , even if it means that company losing some existing orders from competing manufacturers of food products ; * buyers may deliberately seek international suppliers , so as to maintain their choice and retain some degree of control over the prices and terms of supply .
3 LDCs ' governments also insisted on domestically-generated funds being used to finance economic development programmes and thus sought a greater degree of control over the operations of British banks .
4 Castile itself had been named after the fortresses built along the border between Christian and Moslem Spain , and essentially those who held these castles held the greatest degree of control over the lands on either side .
5 The government had been thinking about ways for the administration to maintain some degree of control over the colonies since the mid-1650s ; in 1675 Charles set up the first organization to establish any record of continuity , a sign that his possessions overseas were settling down into some sort of discernible order .
6 The House of Commons was moving forward to assert a greater degree of control over the colonies than before ; partly to evade this , William created a Board of Trade and Plantations , made up of civil servants and privy councillors , that was unlikely to pay much more attention to the Commons than its predecessor , the Lords of Trade , had done .
7 Most librarians prefer to divide orders amongst a number of booksellers in order to give themselves greater flexibility and a degree of control over the standards of service , and also to make use of the specializations of different dealers .
8 Interactivity in an information system gives the user some influence over access to the information and a degree of control over the outcomes of using the system .
9 We all believe in political fairness : we accept that each person or group in the community should have a roughly equal share of control over the decisions made by Parliament or Congress or the state legislature .
10 you may gain a sense of control over the ways in which HIV could affect you , your partner and your family
11 The corollary of the possession of power by companies is that the individuals , interest groups , and communities affected by it suffer a lack of control over the conditions which determine how they live their lives .
12 However while this may provide the conceptual basis for judicial intervention , it furnishes little in the way of guidance as to the extent of control over the conditions of jurisdiction .
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