Example sentences of "[noun sg] [verb] [adv prt] all over the " in BNC.

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1 I said if our cat gets out all over the
2 For a highly fashion-conscious teenage magazine , perhaps , it becomes the norm to have the type dancing about all over the place , with grotesque or perversely distorted images perceived as ‘ up-to-date ’ and a more sober or considered treatment considered as old-fashioned as flared trousers and kipper ties . ’
3 ‘ That old geyser rushing about all over the place , trying to stop people dancing . ’
4 ’ Its noisy and there 's always loads of equipmenjt lying about all over the place , but it 's great fun . ’
5 ‘ And I presume this sort of thing goes on all over the country ? ’
6 Critics always say his work 's ‘ austere ’ or ‘ puritanical ’ because he likes bare raked stages and theatres with their brickwork sticking out all over the place and no props .
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