Example sentences of "[pers pn] 've just been talking about " in BNC.

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1 It 's a letter from the Executive Services Officer that states , rule six , which is the one I 've just been talking about on the previous motion , is quite clear in saying that only individual members can pursue appeals and not a branch .
2 And every generation , as we 've just been talking about , is going to have its misers creating other forms of famine .
3 I think , if we 're going to be realistic , there are practical dangers for that , that can put in danger erm some of the things we 've just been talking about .
4 Or is that what we 've just been talking about ? ’
5 It 's hardly ever reported in the Third World and er taking the facts that we 've just been talking about into account , it would be tempting to see anorexia as related to conflicts about the beginning of a young woman 's reproductive life because what normally happens is , and has certainly happened in the only case of this that occurred in my family , the young woman in question lost so much weight that she stopped cycling and in fact erm puberty changes went into reverse , she actually regressed , she started puberty and er she had this anorexia problem and she stopped cycling and , and all her body changes reversed , she went back to pre-puberty again erm because of oh no , oh no it did n't , she lost her body hair and stuff yeah , er her , her , her hormonal changes .
6 I mean , it 's not divorced from the things that we 've just been talking about
7 Now I think that the concern that erm I have , and it 's shared by colleagues I have to say at both County and at er District Council level , is that none of those will really fully provide a proper strategic planning service and therefore the , the , the threat to proper forward planning of a coordinated nature across a wider area of land such as is er currently taking place in Sussex , West Sussex and other counties and which is desperately needed as we 've seen in the context of the flooding that we 've just been talking about , that is in er great danger of being undermined and the alternatives that the government is , is putting forward would in my view not go anywhere at all towards meeting the needs of strategic planning .
8 It would have to be , given what we 've just been talking about .
9 Which is the one we 've just been talking about .
10 ( We 've just been talking about you .
11 Hello my love we 've just been talking about you .
12 So what that booklet does , is do the bit that we 've just been talking about .
13 We 've just been talking about
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