Example sentences of "[pers pn] 'll probably have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'll probably have a stroll round there just to get a tracksuit for , when Michael was
2 ‘ Of course not ! ’ she replied , and even found a cheerful note from somewhere to add lightly , ‘ I ate a huge meal at lunchtime , so I 'll probably have a snack sent up , ’ and , making for her room before her emotions tripped her up , ‘ You 've been more than kind as it is .
3 Erm you 'll have sine you 'll probably have a triangle with A B C marked on it .
4 If someone is shielding her then she 'll probably have a bed for the night . ’
5 It 's like , with Sharon Stone , even at the end she was still dependent on Michael Douglas , like , when he was going she was crying and she could n't kill him at the end cos she loved him so much and , you know what I mean , so no , Body of Evidence , it 'll probably have a rubbish end and she 'll probably marry the lawyer or something , but it was still good to see her beat , tying a man up , putting candle wax on him and shit .
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