Example sentences of "[pers pn] 'll [adv] take a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'll just take a drink , then I 'll be off . "
2 I 'll just take a peep . ’
3 One evening , as they worked happily together , feeding and attending to the livestock , George said , ‘ I 'll just take a walk along the beck before we settle down , and check those sheep I 've brought down for lambing . ’
4 Once when I was young , innocent and unaware of eating amnesia , ‘ weighers-wilt ’ ( ‘ I 'll just take a guess at this — looks like two ounces … ! ’ ) and other related disorders , I became so alarmed about all the people who could n't seem to shed weight on 1,000 calories a day that I interviewed many of them , carefully selected a group of twenty of the most baffling and genuine cases , and incarcerated them in a health farm for a week .
5 Fine I 'll just take a note of that , thank you .
6 But I 'll always take a chance with players if I think they are right , and this lad really impressed me . ’
7 ‘ Jake 'd have wanted me to see her right ; but she 'll never take a penny piece off me … ’
8 We 'll also take a look at a popular shareware alternative , McAfee VirusScan .
9 To , well to run them now , they 'll still take a week to come back , even if they do run them today ,
10 It 'll only take a couple of minutes — what I 've got to say . ’
11 But it 'll only take a couple of days . ’
12 I promise you it 'll only take a minute . ’
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