Example sentences of "[pers pn] 'd [adv] have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'd rather have a turkey ! ’
2 I 'd rather have a couple hours
3 A fucking cake , I 'd rather have a bottle of Gin I 'd prefer to that .
4 That looks a pretty good job , sweeping the floor , though I 'd rather have a go on the sweeping machine .
5 I 'd tell my husband I 'd rather have a change of holiday and not go with our friends .
6 I 'd rather have a meal would n't you ?
7 I 'd rather have a rat in the house than a dog
8 but I mean I 'd rather have a Calibre than that definitely
9 If the worst came to the worst and we did get another president , I would do it , but I 'd rather have a break for a little while .
10 I 'd rather have a racist straight up and on the rocks any day .
11 That most people you know , they wo n't try something like that , I mean , I know I 'm a bit like that myself I 'd sooner have a steak .
12 ‘ I actually won quite easily when I expected that I 'd still have a lot to learn , ’ he explains .
13 I 'd maybe have a chat chat with them you know , personal like .
14 Barbie said she 'd rather have a cigarette anyway and gave them back to us , but we could n't break any of them off , so we kept passing this lump backwards and forwards , sucking it and grinding little chunks off it , till we got fed up with it and chucked it on the floor .
15 Since she hardly ever drank , she 'd probably have a hangover to contend with on top of everything else come morning , but frankly it would be a relief to have something else to think about other than Adam .
16 You 'd rather have a day out at York racecourse than at Headingley if truth were known , would n't you ?
17 It 's probably erm , yeah I think you 'd probably have a shot at your yellow .
18 It 's probably erm , yeah I think you 'd probably have a shot at your yellow .
19 And you went to school in the morning but never knew whether your house was going to be there when you got home for dinner or whether you 'd still have a mum and dad and
20 we 'd rather have a cigarette in our hands .
21 So here we 'd actually have a match of all three saying that we 've recognized it to a level three .
22 They 'd probably have a row about it .
23 Mr Chairman the , certainly with they 'd still have a problem with a Friday night .
24 Ooh well they used to well they did n't used to sing a lot of songs but er they used to do a lot of you know playing about and perhaps and then they 'd perhaps have a ball .
25 as if he 'd even have a chance of it anyway
26 ( I sha n't — he said he 'd rather have a drawing of mine , in any case . )
27 And that Ernie being a real good slaughterman , I mean , after Tuesday morning he 'd always have a bullock
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