Example sentences of "[pers pn] [is] [adv] assumed that [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 It is generally assumed that pus-cells in the urethra are synonymous with infection and the pus-cell is treated vigorously from Bath to Bangkok and from Memphis to Madras as if it were an infectious organism itself .
2 It is widely assumed that Elders will not bother to hold on to any Scottish shares and its 23.7 per cent stake will be acquired and used as the springboard for a bid .
3 It is usually assumed that teachers and heads are held to account but whether they are accountable to resource providers ( ratepayers , taxpayers , policy makers , administrators ) , customers ( pupils , parents , employers ) , or their professional colleagues , is ill-defined .
4 Indeed , it is often assumed that women are the ‘ natural ’ carers , and that such work is n't quite suitable for a man .
5 In this country , it is often assumed that teachers are a law unto themselves once they are inside the classroom and that it is their professional training and sense of professional responsibility that are the chief influences on their practice .
6 It is often assumed that employers take advantage of the demand for positions where interesting work , pleasant conditions and a high degree of job satisfaction are reckoned to make up for low pay .
7 It is often assumed that techniques must be learned and practised before problems are mentioned .
8 In a commercial or industrial setting it is often assumed that organisations try to maximise profits as their main goal .
9 It is often assumed that clients interfere with their ulcers between treatments to ensure the community nurse will revisit and meet their need for social contact .
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