Example sentences of "[pers pn] [is] [adv] [adv] assumed that " in BNC.

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1 It is not therefore assumed that people have a' consciousness ' ( false or otherwise ) or a system or knowledge about the outside world , but only that they have a more or less adequate collection of competences in dealing with particular instances of it .
2 It is also normally assumed that there is a perfectly competitive market structure and no potential to reap economies of scale .
3 It is too often assumed that if a law is not designed to protect one man from another its only rationale can be that it is designed to punish moral wickedness , or in Lord Devlin 's words ‘ to enforce a moral principle ’ .
4 Although it is still popularly assumed that men are more prone to fall prey to the ravages of ‘ burnout ’ due to overwork and unhealthy lifestyle , all the evidence now points to women , especially aged between 35 and 50 , as today 's prime targets of stress .
5 It is perhaps implicitly assumed that each franchise chain has little market power .
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