Example sentences of "[noun pl] of [noun] all over the " in BNC.

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1 Went to the Royal Academy when I was doing my 'O' Levels , it was a Jackson follow up it was about , ambulance was about twelve foot by twelve foot , it was literally splodges of paint all over the fucking place , it was horrible , you can actually buy them at the Royal Academy , you ca n't buy them at , but he was asking a hundred thousand pounds for it , I could n't believe it , a trained monkey could of fucking painted that
2 Many can forage above ground at night but they laboriously shield themselves from predators by constructing covered run-ways , and thin crusts of mud all over the vegetation they are plundering .
3 I mean I think there are groups of women all over the country very interested in feminism and doing lots of good work and providing support for women who do want some sort of change , and so if that 's what you mean by the women 's liberation movement I think it 's a very good thing .
4 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
5 The event was held in the school library and messages of hope were written to prisoners of conscience all over the world .
6 There is going to be all forms of Jihad all over the world because there is a sacred element , there is an element erm of er which is the presence of a foreign non-Muslim force in the Holy Land ; this is a very explosive element .
7 To me there are prototypes of Alf all over the country : far too many of them in fact .
8 Suddenly , as we were about fifty yards from that lovely smell of coffee , there was an almighty roar as the barn blew up , scattering burning straw and all kinds of debris all over the farm area .
9 I have visions of bosses all over the land going hot under the collar as they see yet more of their staff enjoying the antics of this old salt — it could take over where Leisure Suit Larry left off .
10 The trouble was that the land belonged to a family who lived in London and owned parcels of land all over the country and had so far resisted all attempts to relinquish this innocuous piece of British soil .
11 Some firms of English solicitors have branch offices in the major centres of commerce all over the world , to advise local clients on English law .
12 the following morning I went out no numberplate and there were bits of car all over the street but
13 and there were bits of fibreglass all over the street
14 It ploughed into the ground scattering debris and bits of aluminium all over the place .
15 But finally the itching was too much for him and we got up one morning to find plaster of Paris and remnants of bandage all over the carpet where he had irritably scissored it off at two in the morning .
16 The worship of , or professed belief in , a god of some kind is to be found in varying degrees of sincerity all over the world .
17 Miss Jarman 's words dropped like a stone in a pond , causing ripples of protest all over the room .
18 Questions similar to this one seem to occupy an inordinate amount of the energies of scientists all over the world , not to mention grouses about the shortsightedness/injustice/lack of imagination of a straight thumbs down to a researcher 's pet proposal .
19 If the changing rooms were full , girls would undress in the middle of the shop leaving piles of clothes all over the floor , such was their desperation to find the print and the style of their choice .
20 I went out to water some plants and there was piles of soil all over the lawn — I was furious .
21 Piles of books all over the floor : Agatha Christie , Dick Francis , P. D. James .
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