Example sentences of "[noun pl] [prep] [noun sg] [noun] all over " in BNC.

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1 This success is something to share with the company 's business partners , host economies , shareholders , employees and , of course , drinkers of quality beers all over the world .
2 She dropped cans of root beer all over my feet in the subway station ; one broke and splattered and dampened my toes .
3 Though he started with wrestling and all girl revues , by 1930-he was presenting variety bills at music halls all over the country .
4 But the council said the Government 's decision to repatriate had profound implications for asylum seekers all over the world and added that it was ‘ utterly appalled ’ by the action taken furtively in Hong Kong .
5 And the studio floor was covered with meat , and they had this dog they 'd starved for three days with contact mics all over its stomach … and they were recording him eating the meat !
6 In spite of widely different histories and circumstances , many of the joys and sorrows of church music all over the world are familiar to us in this country .
7 ‘ Pre-wetting ’ provides further protection — jets of seawater spray all over the ship 's superstructure , so radioactive dust can not settle .
8 They are laid as eggs in river tributaries all over the northern hemisphere .
9 After a fly past by a RAF VC 10 , divisional officers from fire brigades all over the country unveiled a plaque in memory of the airmen who died during second world war .
10 Who is working at top levels within health authorities all over the country to improve maternity services for all those other mothers out there ?
11 The author , Jane Pettigrew , has taken traditional recipes from Trust properties all over the British Isles and combined them with a fascinating account of the development of tea-drinking in this country , ever since Catharine of Braganza brought over a tea chest from Portugal as part of her dowry on her marriage to Charles II .
12 Megadeth 's fifth and finest LP , ‘ Countdown To Extinction ’ slammed its way straight into the upper reaches of LP charts all over the globe ( it entered the US chart at a staggering No. 2 ! ) and its first single , Symphony Of Destruction , was such a hit in the UK that a Top Of The Pops appearance was simply unavoidable .
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