Example sentences of "assumed that a " in BNC.

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1 In this article , I have assumed that a band has reached this second stage by being offered a recording contract .
2 In so far as Whitehall had considered these matters it had been vaguely assumed that a status quo ante would be established and the Dutch in the Netherlands East Indies , the French in Indochina , and the Colonial Office in Burma and Malaya would resume their rightful sway .
3 In a poll of Anglican Clergy undertaken in 1864 only 40% expressed the view that the damned would suffer everlasting torment ; it may be assumed that a poll of laity would have disclosed a substantially lower percentage.ii .
4 It is also assumed that a bimbo is unintelligent , could n't possibly have an interest in anything other than clothes and make-up .
5 In this respect gonorrhoea differs from the majority of other bacterial infections , for which it has always been assumed that a course of treatment lasting several days or even weeks is needed .
6 The content of their syllabuses was largely , though indirectly , in the hands of the universities , through the local examination boards , and it was assumed that a good school , even if comprehensive , would manage to get a reasonable number of O and A level passes and send a proportion of its pupils on to higher education .
7 It has traditionally been assumed that a gradual decrease in intensity of Hercynian folding has resulted in the stratigraphic relationships observed within the late Carboniferous .
8 We have assumed that a pivot exists for both the up-problem and the down-problem ( as was the case in P1*/LP0 ) so that both up- and down-penalties are defined .
9 Some critics , arguing from the cases of Blake and Keats , have assumed that a ‘ Romantic ’ poet would obviously be hostile to the demands of a university dominated by the influence of Newton .
10 For the avoidance of doubt it is assumed that a church building presently exists on land owned by the church and that adjacent to that site is land that could be developed .
11 Although the Eleventh Directive does not define ‘ branch ’ , it is assumed that a European Court would interpret a branch according to the definition in the Bank Branches Directive , which is much narrower than ‘ a place of business ’ .
12 So it should be assumed that a similar number of those who changed in the ‘ right ’ direction were similarly ill-informed about their new choice , and just happened to end up in the ‘ right ’ group by chance .
13 Thus , it is assumed that a test of linguistic ability actually measures language as opposed to some other characteristic .
14 In the innermost pit , if the work of the scientists in the H area had been successful , it would be assumed that a nuclear explosion would generate a heat in the core of tritium/deuterium of one hundred million degrees Centigrade .
15 It is assumed that a text , or a film , is not something which has a set of meanings which can be extracted from it , but something whose meanings exist only because they are part of a wider social world ; people can find meanings only if their world shares some common meanings with that of the text .
16 It is safely assumed that a government can obtain the passage of virtually all the bills it introduces .
17 In Green and Porter 's model it is assumed that a firm 's choice of output can not be observed by another firm , and the sum of all outputs determines market price according to a demand function which is subject to unobservable random shocks .
18 Yet while it may not be possible , in a given case , to come to a clear decision one way or the other , it can not , I shall argue , be coherently assumed that a decision is logically impossible and at the same time insisted that the object in question exists in an ontological sense .
19 It is assumed that a particular 's individuality , its numerical distinctness from any other existent , is ensured by the spatial location it happens to occupy at any given time .
20 It is assumed that a given complex of qualities owes its " individuality " to its completeness .
21 It may therefore be assumed that a manager is maintaining an adequate policy if the competitive position is being maintained and projections indicate that it is likely to be maintained in future .
22 Neither can it be assumed that a wife who is denied sexual autonomy will cease cohabitation .
23 In the special theory of relativity it is assumed that a single inertial frame can be applied to the whole Universe , but at the cost of neglecting acceleration !
24 Glanville Jones ' ideas were based initially on studies of medieval Wales , where it was formerly assumed that a dispersed settlement pattern of pastoral farms had been the norm .
25 This was the first hard evidence that a change in the advanced courses was on the way although , ever since the development at National Certificate level , it had been assumed that a major change in the advanced level would follow in due course .
26 It was assumed that a number of serving ministers from Hun Sen 's Cambodian People 's Party ( CPP , the new name chosen in October by what had been the Khmer People 's Revolutionary Party or KPRP ) would resign to make way for representatives of the monarchist Funcinpec Party led by Sihanouk 's son Norodom Ranaridh .
27 Up until this point we have assumed that a referential locus is quite generally available for property words , not only adjectives in fact but also adverbs : ( 8 ) Philippa comforted her lovingly the referential locus of the adverb is that of the verb ; and the referential locus of the verb in turn is the entity of the subject phrase ; that is why a sentence like : ( 9 ) the drink comforted her lovingly is unacceptable , despite the fact that lovingly can co-occur with comfort , while comfort is compatible with drink .
28 Why should we have assumed that a little thing like a gunfight in the street would attract attention ?
29 In this connection , it is assumed that a sufficiently positive association between peptic ulceration and the allele of a defined genetic locus indicates that the genetic trait plays a part in the pathogenesis of the ulceration .
30 It is normally assumed that a given variable would have remained constant in the absence of integration .
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