Example sentences of "[modal v] be said [prep] be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 On the grounds of its ancient lineage and apparently perennial vigour , the ‘ grand survivor ’ of all general theories might be said to be elite theory .
2 The first might be said to be context- and task-independent : we can understand what a sequence of symbols is meant to represent , without understanding the context within which those symbols might be put to use .
3 A deictic element is not a term as such , but some part of the utterance which might be said to be deictic .
4 Thus each group of accounts might be said to be objective but they are not comparable .
5 So is the cold war giant , at least in the sense that a mighty military machine with no visible threat to its well-being might be said to be dead .
6 Neither she nor Ladislav could be said to be well-off .
7 Even the recipe for George Washington 's mother 's gingerbread allegedly found " in an old worn cookery book " dated 1784 , of which the first item on the list of ingredients is ½ cup of margarine , could be said to be honest in the sense that it is candidly admitted that margarine is what is actually now used in the kitchens at Claverton Manor , the American Museum near Bath where both the gingerbread and the leaflet giving the recipe are purveyed to the public .
8 Neither of these books , however , could be said to be intent on revenge .
9 Only Richard Elliott , Headmaster of the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb at Margate , and the Reverend William Stainer , chairman of the London Schools Board Classes for the Deaf , could be said to be representative of the dominant system of education then prevailing in British schools .
10 For the majority of the SSAPs , however , it is possible to identify elements that could be said to be relevant .
11 I mean I know an awful lot of people outside Harlow who who come here but Harlow people could be said to be apathetic or not being marketed rightly .
12 Points of view could be said to be central to the formal legal enterprise .
13 Held , dismissing the appeal , that the power to make an order under section 236 of the Insolvency Act 1986 was not confined to documents which could be said to be necessary to reconstitute the state of the company 's knowledge , even if that might be one of the purposes most clearly justifying the making of an order , but extended to all documents which the administrator reasonably required to see to carry out his functions ; that the applicant had to satisfy the court that after balancing all the relevant factors , there was a proper case for making the order ; that since the information sought was necessary to enable the administrators to carry out the administration and production of the documents did not impose an unnecessary and unreasonable burden on the accountants , the registrar 's order despite its width , was proper in the exceptional circumstances ( post , pp. 855E–H , 860C–D , 862D–E , G–H , 863D , 864E ) .
14 The attitude towards science in the Eagle could be said to be typical of UK comics generally .
15 Nevertheless , they could be said to be implicit justifications of an almost fully formulated nature , in that they provide reasons for the existence of the monarchy and its ceremonial occasions .
16 If we deal with the situation of the wife 's car first , from the information provided there is nothing to indicate that she is involved in the business in any way so her car expenses could be said to be personal .
17 It could be said to be retrogressive — a return ( retreat ? ) to narrow Victorian child-rearing values — to be writing guidelines on how to encourage obedience and overcome disobedience in the late 1980s .
18 This analysis could be said to be self-serving , yet it is not without justification ; the president was never as powerful as the critics suggested .
19 The concept of parental rights in education could be said to be concerned with the ability of parents to extend the control they are able to exert within the family to their child 's formal education , thus protecting their ‘ interest ’ in the child .
20 These technologies could be said to be neo-Fordist — that is they make use of information technologies but within a framework determined in the Fordist era .
21 ‘ Brother shall deliver up brother to death ’ could be said to be true of Jerome , for if he had not killed he had indeed delivered Aldhelm to his death .
22 While all could be said to be right-wing , their sympathies were not identical where other countries were concerned .
23 As parts of a whole Universe we could be said to be responsible for everything , for we are an active part of an active creation .
24 Held , that in the opinion of the court , ( 1 ) a stay for delay or any other reason was to be imposed only in exceptional circumstances ; that , even where delay could be said to be unjustifiable , the imposition of a permanent stay was to be the exception rather than the rule ; and that even more rarely could a stay properly be imposed in the absence of fault on the part of the complainant or the prosecution , and never where the delay was due merely to the complexity of the case or contributed to by the defendant 's actions ( post , pp. 18H — 19A ) .
25 Certainly , academics will tend to identify with their department more than their institution ; but there is a sense in which the worldwide subject-based invisible college could be said to be basic .
26 It is such questions which one must ask of Christians , particularly Christians who would be feminist , who explain that the creation story ( or any other part of the Christian story which may be said to be sexist ) is to them a ‘ true myth ’ .
27 A second sense in which the inner-city phonology may be said to be complex is in the incidence of lexical items that have two alternative vowel pronunciations quite distinct phonetically and phonemically from each other .
28 It is characteristic of fixed capital that it has an assumed lifespan — without taking into account the problem of technological obsolescence — and therefore its replacement may be said to be time-proportional .
29 On the other hand , there is information which may be said to be external to the company , commonly referred to as market information .
30 I am not confident that either book may be said to be well-written ; that question , too , could be thought to arise .
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