Example sentences of "[modal v] [not/n't] be assumed to be " in BNC.

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1 An example engagement letter is set out in 1101.10 — please note that this is a live example and as such is the result of a series of negotiations — ie this should not be assumed to be our starting position .
2 What are the implications for the CAPM if the market could not be assumed to be perfect ?
3 Comparison of quantitative data between the tw groups was performed by Student 's t test when normal distribution of the data could be assumed , and by Mann-Whitney U test when distrubiton could not be assumed to be normal ( serum and amylase values ) .
4 Likewise they implicitly assume that over the medium-term ( 3-10 years ) , the supply side can not be assumed to be constant .
5 All suggestions are given in good faith and for general help and guidance but since detail may vary with different roofs they can not be assumed to be suitable for every application .
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