Example sentences of "[adv] be assumed to be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Even if working-class crime is promoted by the same features of capitalism as produce socialist consciousness this is no basis for automatically equating them : working-class crime may express purely personal goals or , if there are some wider underlying objectives , they can not necessarily be assumed to be socialist ones .
2 All suggestions are given in good faith and for general help and guidance but since detail may vary with different roofs they can not be assumed to be suitable for every application .
3 What are the implications for the CAPM if the market could not be assumed to be perfect ?
4 Comparison of quantitative data between the tw groups was performed by Student 's t test when normal distribution of the data could be assumed , and by Mann-Whitney U test when distrubiton could not be assumed to be normal ( serum and amylase values ) .
5 Likewise they implicitly assume that over the medium-term ( 3-10 years ) , the supply side can not be assumed to be constant .
6 In poetry this minimum may always be assumed to be present but that is not true of the making of images .
7 New information is forced to the front as though it were given information , suggesting that a famous writer can always be assumed to be energetic and successful at school .
8 Over a smaller range , consistent with the acceptable variation of the mains , the relationship may even be assumed to be linear , with error well within the tolerance attainable for plant measurements with this device .
9 The uptake of 5-ASA must therefore be assumed to be equivalent to the production of Ac-ASA over time .
10 Whether skilled or unskilled , the vast majority of fathers of brides in the sample were engaged in manual trades ( 110 of the 161 ) , and most of them could safely be assumed to be skilled workers .
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