Example sentences of "[pron] [noun] from all over the " in BNC.

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1 He says the Leeds course has broadened his horizons : ‘ We have people on my course from all over the world so the approach tends to be international .
2 The Science and Engineering Research Council , which is providing the funds for the equipment , will coordinate a programme in which researchers from all over the country' will send specimens to the unit .
3 The proprietors of Elmfield House , Jim and Edith Lillie , were initially a little apprehensive about opening their much restored and much-cared for home to the public — but they soon came to appreciate the friendship and interest given to them by their visitors from all over the world .
4 National newspapers cull their stories from all over the country — often , indeed , from all over the world .
5 To meet the growing demand for bigger and better bangs they import their fireworks from all over the world .
6 But a competition has taken place that proved them wrong.Teams from all over the country battled against the clock to change tyres at Silverstone race circuit .
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