Example sentences of "[verb] [adv prt] all over [art] country " in BNC.

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1 ‘ And I presume this sort of thing goes on all over the country ? ’
2 Whe whether it was involved in , whether there was any travel involved or whether it was all desk bound or anything else you know whether he goes zooming off all over the country or whether , whether there 's a possibility of travel involved or any danger in it , in the job , unlikely but
3 following the Robbins Committee Report in 1963 new universities sprang up all over the country and tertiary education in general was in a state of unexampled euphoria .
4 In the end , Hoveyda was tried by a revolutionary court and executed , but the story of the succession of prime ministers continued , with disturbances breaking out all over the country , up on the Caspian as well as in the major centres .
5 For the nation as a whole , the visible effect was a huge rise in unemployment and a vast drop in the gross domestic product , with factories , mills , and pits closing down all over the country .
6 Another hotly contested tournament was the Copa de Republic , a vast knock-out competition which went on all over the country from November to April .
7 Reform circles were springing up all over the country , calling for Mr Grosz 's dismissal .
8 Much of this is undoubtedly true but perhaps not true enough to justify the industries springing up all over the country offering simplistic solutions like food supplements and gymnasia .
9 It 's one of hundreds being put up all over the country and residents say it was put there without planning permission or consultation .
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