Example sentences of "[noun] [Wh pn] just happen to be " in BNC.

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1 Endless ads have been Green or organic , from the guy who rips his plans up to wreck the countryside and earns himself a beer , to the couple in the deodorant ad who just happen to be frolicking naked in the forest with camouflage make-up .
2 Later I mention this encounter to an old friend who just happens to be a former service supervisor for the phone company .
3 Hincmar of Rheims wrote to give orders to a neighbouring count who just happened to be his kinsman : it is not hard to see how an archbishop might refer to the local counts collectively as " his " , or the draftsman of a capitulary write in general terms of " archbishops and their counts " .
4 BBS seriously considered firing Hopper ; the pressure of moving a production team of twenty-three people from state to state , writing the script on the run and persuading innocent citizens of the United States of America who just happened to be passing at the time to appear in the movie , was a heavy burden for all .
5 ‘ The whole thing has got out of control , I 'm not so much bored as miserable , ’ confided Diana to a sympathetic neighbour who just happened to be a journalist .
6 Most of Rory 's pals in London were in the International Marxist Croup , but here he was ; wandering the hills with an upper class dingbat who just happened to be married to his sister and who lived for huntin' , shootin' and fishin' ( and seemed to spend the absolute minimum amount of time in his castle with his wife ) , and who had just last year rationalised half the work force in the glass factory out of a job .
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