Example sentences of "does [not/n't] go " in BNC.

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1 Apparently the green movement is worried that the rind may carry pesticides ; a new generation of beer purists dislike the lemon ; and it does not go so well with the heavily sedimented style currently favoured .
2 The 31-year-old ex-paratrooper 's prize for retaining his title at Wembley on Saturday night was £10,000 , which does not go far for a full-time body builder who downs half a dozen eggs after his breakfast cereal and eight to 10 chicken breasts a day when ‘ bulking up ’ .
3 The reader is never bored — but could be disappointed that the book does not go beyond its 120 pages .
4 Stone does not go this far , although he can not resist quoting an Irish opponent of divorce during the referendum campaign of 1986 to the effect that ‘ a woman voting for divorce is like a turkey voting for Christmas ’ ( p. 420 ) .
5 The Bond organisation , however , succeeded in securing a ‘ deposit ’ of A$1.2billion from Bell Resources for the brewery business , which Mr Spalvins has insisted must be repaid if the Lion Nathan deal does not go through .
6 Swales might , at last , have made a wise decision — if he does not go back on it at the first sign of failure .
7 But the US Environmental Protection Agency has decided that the voluntary withdrawal does not go far enough .
8 Those who run the game in Britain will hope fervently that the Cardiff solicitor 's daughter does not go the same way .
9 The royal family does not go in for oratory , so the policy is evident mostly in endless American- and British-made videos on television , boasting of Saudi Arabia 's military and industrial prowess .
10 This would be useful , but it does not go far enough .
11 Specifically , we do not know that minds are immaterial substances whose nature does not go beyond those properties we think are essential to them .
12 Even if a will does not give property to trustees , the property , whether real or personal , does not go directly to those for whose benefit it is given , nor does property passing on intestacy go directly to those entitled under the rules above stated .
13 The Old Testament does not go in for saints .
14 Genesis does not go in for saints ( though Joseph will , perhaps , approach that status ) .
15 He does not go abroad much which is as well since he has little sense of direction and has twice been found many miles from home wandering the streets .
16 An Italian flair does not go amiss in the Elgar : Accardo 's impetuosity gives a new slant to the score , his intensity in the Andante an immediacy .
17 He would prefer us to be in the position of the person who learns to trust that a friend has posted a letter , and who does not go out to be certain that the letter has found its destination , a search that in fact would portray not faith , but a lack of faith .
18 Unfortunately , this weighty tome does not go nearly far enough into this fascinating world of the interrelationships that ants have with the plants and other animals in their day-to-day business of running the world : Rather , we have a specialised symposium that concentrates on the largely negative aspects of viewing some of the world 's most fascinating species only as anthropogenic pests .
19 Self-evidently he does not go out and list them himself , and very early on historic building investigators were appointed to carry out the task and guidelines for listing drawn up .
20 When it is caught in British waters , the event does not go unnoticed and there have been some large examples recorded .
21 The latter is best , though expensive , because unlike vegetable oil , it does not go off .
22 When a research project is written up it will probably not be any grandiose offering ( indeed it will probably be all the better for not being grandiose ) , but if the research has been carried out with scrupulous attention to detail and accuracy and the statement of results does not go beyond the limits justified by the data then a useful craftsmanlike job of work will have been accomplished .
23 No Tiller is ever seen with a man , she does not go out with a man , receive any man and the rule extends even to her father and brothers , no Girl holds a conversation with a man , inside or outside the theatre and if a man addresses her , she would say ‘ Excuse me ’ and walk away .
24 As I said before , the Handbook of Human Intelligence is excellent as far as it goes , but it certainly does not go far enough ; perhaps the second edition will improve on this sad state of affairs !
25 A moire fringe unit monitors the horizontal azimuth of the beam as it sweeps so that it does not go out of alignment .
26 Even then the defendant does not go free — he is confined in a mental hospital until the Home secretary authorises his release .
27 After all , the country does not go to war all that often , even if it is with a second-rate corned-beef republic .
28 For a change the paddlers are ordinary people rather than white water whiz-kids and the difficulty generally does not go above grade 3 .
29 Good advice based on sound theory , perhaps , but the writer does not go on to say how this separating might be accomplished !
30 A rise in numbers would by itself help to explain why the upper classes were looking for new and wider choice of occupation ; it does not go far towards explaining the popularity of Cîteaux .
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