Example sentences of "over a period " in BNC.

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1 Over a period of time they will all be ill .
2 What if I wish to give small amounts regularly over a period ?
3 Altogether , tutorials take place over a period of about twenty-four weeks in the last year of a course , and usually by the last twelve tutorials a student has a much clearer idea of what he or she is about .
4 Doing it manually , it had to be done over a period of two or three days , fitting it in after work . ’
5 With reference to the article in June on breaking dormancy in sweet peas : experiments conducted over a period of several years at New College , Pontefract certainly seem to bear out Anne Swithinbank 's remarks .
6 The second type of endurance training uses nearly flat-out effort over a period of up to three minutes .
7 I have tested literally hundreds of children on conservation tasks over a period of twenty years and have confirmed ( to my own satisfaction at least ) that fundamentally — in terms of the central systems — one does not succeed in drawing their attention to non-salient features .
8 He said it would change and tone a man in three five-minute sessions over a period of a week .
9 ‘ Travelling on the train to and from Folkestone and London over a period of months I knitted a bright pink jumper .
10 The fruit trees would be moved in stages , over a period of years .
11 Secret talks with the government , which went on over a period of more than a year , were also broken off .
12 For reasons which never seem quite convincing , given the tediousness of the material and the fact that the three do not even believe in it , this becomes an obsessive hobby over a period of years .
13 In particular Ramsey helped the Anglo-Catholic members of the Conference to take a more friendly attitude to the South India Church , which united a Church with bishops to Churches without bishops in a unified structure over a period of years .
14 The employers acknowledged that if over a period profits should rise more than incomes , the balance should be redressed by taxation policy .
15 Better try something else , then ; and here it is , in the shape of the third proposition : ‘ if over a period profits should rise more than incomes , the balance should be redressed by taxation policy ’ .
16 I leave entirely on one side all the difficult questions which are concealed by that little phrase ‘ over a period ’ .
17 And gradually , over a period of about nine months , she began to lose the use of her eyes .
18 After the grubs have eaten extensive ‘ galleries ’ in the wood over a period of years , with the resultant dust being emitted in bun-shaped pellets , the larva enters a pupal stage lasting three to six weeks and emerges as a fully grown beetle .
19 Over a period of three weeks they were shunted back and forth between Germany , London and Cairo until the Home Office granted them temporary admission .
20 They are the inevitable result of her stand in advocating bourgeois liberalisation over a period of time . ’
21 The cumulative loan would be repaid through a private agency , the Student Loans Company , over a period of , say , 10 years .
22 The Manor was an important landmark during the annual and ancient custom called the ‘ perambulation of Purton ’ , during Rogation Tide in May , when a large procession , headed by the clergyman , would beat the bounds over a period of two days .
23 The rebuilding of the old manor took place over a period of about five years and was probably finished in about 1727 .
24 It was not surprising that the amount spent on exploration sank from $760 million in the still relatively fat year of 1979 to between $120 and $150 million at the end of the 1980s and the size of known reserves remained static over a period of at least four years .
25 The classic dish may require preparation over a period of two days , but this simple variation is much quicker .
26 Perhaps over a period of months , even years , the yearning grew to escape .
27 Differing slightly from Ibrams are the many cases where ‘ cumulative provocation ’ has been directed towards D over a period of time , and then some minor act sparks off the loss of self-control and killing .
28 Over a period of 18 months , Cox had found it increasingly difficult to front the cost of her supplies .
29 The system was developed over a period of about 10 years and arrived on the market in three stages .
30 But setting aside those factors , the overall running costs of injection do begin to come close to those of conventional spreading , over a period of time .
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