Example sentences of "over [art] period " in BNC.

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1 Said his friend-cum-mentor , Irving Layton , in looking back over the period , ‘ I had a very sharp feeling in the early fifties that poetry in Canada had come in from the cold and was starting to gain momentum . ’
2 Since 1985 profits growth in the division has been restricted to an average of less than 5 per cent a year and as 40 per cent of revenues come from the US the one third fall in the dollar over the period obviously affected the outcome as have rising R&D costs .
3 It peaked in the election years of 1983 and 1987 and even the collapse of optimism over the period 1978–80 was halted and temporarily reversed at the 1979 election ( The Economist , 1990 , p. 34 ) .
4 Both Soviet and foreign estimates of the numbers threatened with starvation and death over the period 1921–2 varied enormously , and no amount of detailed research is ever likely to come up with reliable figures .
5 Thus , the great advance in literacy over the period and the expansion of the young population .
6 Over the period 1979 — 88 manufacturing output per head increased by 4.2 per cent , faster than the 1960s .
7 But this followed the sharp decline in 1980 and 1981 ; over the period 1979 — 85 the annual average growth rate has been 1.9 per cent about the same as most other OECD countries — without the benefit of North Sea oil .
8 The gloomy trends of macro-economic indicators of economic growth , inflation , unemployment , and public spending over the period were in line with those for earlier governments .
9 He considered his notes ; what he needed from this interview was to confirm that Angela Morgan had not been in the office on Saturday , and a statement of Peter Yeo 's movements over the period within which Angela Morgan had probably been killed .
10 The numbers killed in commercial set-nets declined over the period , but the number caught in amateur nets increased .
11 Over the period of study , 228 dolphins were reliably reported to have drowned in set-nets , out of a total population estimated in 1984 at 740 .
12 Unit-trust managers are paid for the share-picking and dealing skills that enable them to do better than elderly aunts ( how much better is a question : supposedly index-tracking funds scored only from 88.4% to 93.2% over the period ) .
13 The savings — altogether £100m over the period of the scheme — are to help pay for safety improvements at football grounds .
14 The value of the shares in a hypothetical portfolio of acquired banks rose by 420% over the period studied , against a 160% increase for a portfolio of wallflower banks .
15 Over the period 1989–94 , says the study , Mexico stood to need over $50 billion ; despite direct foreign investment , official loans , and bilateral deals , it was $23 billion short .
16 ( One notable relic is the second volume ( Men ) of a two-volume group entitled Things and Men : it is full of snippets of conversation and descriptions spread over the period 1897 to 1910 , frequently used in his books and papers in order to restrain his fancy and keep his feet firmly on the ground . )
17 Though he may not know it , it is broadly the procedure of a creative artist who seeks to redefine his criteria of success , perhaps over the period of his lifetime .
18 The funds do not merely guarantee you will get the full rise in the index over the period you have chosen ; they also ensure you get the highest bid price that the fund achieves at any point while the investment is running .
19 No classification is entirely satisfactory and was not consistent over the period represented here but the category included : engineers , railway employees , carpenters , building trades and labourers , tailors and dressmakers , boot and shoe operatives , printing trades , postmen , policemen , blacksmiths , farm labourers , textile factory workers , gardeners and caretakers .
20 As Table 4 indicates , substantial changes took place in the structure of residential services in Nottinghamshire over the period of the study .
21 As the above data suggest , residential services in Nottinghamshire not only expanded considerably over the period of the study but much of the new development took place in non-traditional residential services of the kind that CMHTs had been charged with promoting .
22 Over the period of the Hinkley C Inquiry , those claims finally fell apart .
23 Over the period of the inquiry build-up , the funding for energy efficiency measures had actually been reduced and the budget for the government 's Energy Efficiency Office slashed .
24 Among other findings , this produced five cases of young leukaemia within eight miles of the plant over the period 1979–84 , where less than one would have been expected on the basis of national rates .
25 As a treat for her large staff , who had been so assiduous over the period of moving in , Amy encouraged them to go .
26 Almost all of this increase was attributable to the growing proportion of lone mother families , which more than doubled over the period .
27 There has been a similar increase in the proportion of families headed by a never-married mother over the period ( 77% ) , arising from a growth in the proportion of births outside marriage as well as the growing trend for single mothers to bring up children by themselves .
28 Over the period 1979–1987 , the average total net income of this group rose by 31% .
29 Using the same analysis as Government statisticians , the figures show that over the period 1979 to 1988 , real disposable incomes rose by over 30 per cent .
30 Economy is a measure of how much the product costs over the period of use with regard to the performance achieved .
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