Example sentences of "'ve [been] talking " in BNC.

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1 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
2 Do you want the rest of the world to say the British are so aggressive that they need the sort of controls we 've been talking about ?
3 ‘ You 've been talking to the girls ? ’
4 I 've been talking with Father O'Harte , and I 'm come back .
5 ‘ I mean , all this we 've been talking about .
6 ‘ All these years I 've been talking and telling , ’ he writes , ‘ and I 'm not sure if anybody listens or understands me .
7 ‘ You 've been talking a lot , ’ she said aggressively .
8 In the end , the quacks and medicine men were left with that strange , disembodied feeling you get when you 've been talking for several minutes to someone who is n't there .
9 ‘ I 've been talking to people about this , 'cos everyone thinks the video is so sexy , you know .
10 We 've been talking to cinemas in London and will bring it over there soon . ’
11 But I ca n't see in the long run that it would make any difference to what we 've been talking about , seeing who Maggie is .
12 ‘ We came here ’ , Miss Honey said , ‘ to talk about you and I 've been talking about nothing but myself the whole time .
13 I 've been talking to Dr Wickram about this .
14 But do n't lets knock it to death do n't lets kick it this place saved my life I almost killed myself trying to fulfil those that we 've been talking about .
15 There 's very little room for the qualitative work I 've been talking about : it it is there it tends to get tacked on to an existing project when the sociologist is brought in to provide expertise on survey design or interviewing or to use a standard measure of patient ‘ quality of life . ’
16 You 've been talking to him , have n't you ?
17 You 've been talking to Stuart .
18 We 've been talking about the events in Beirut . ’
19 Because we 've been talking for a while so had time for it to evaporate .
20 Erm , oh I have got something else , which is music , erm , at the last meeting I said I 've been talking to Simon from the Queen 's Hall , about the idea of doing pre-concert notes
21 Pretty silly , because you have n't done that piece of work , so perhaps what you would like to do if you would like to follow it with us , then I will give you back , I think I might have your survey here , and you can at least see what we 've been talking about and then on that we can write absent for this piece of work , does that make sense , good .
22 Now we know that Antarctic bottom water is formed here in the Webber Sea and the samples that I 've been talking about were taken here in the South Georgia basin , so we can see that it has taken seventeen years for the water to travel from here to here .
23 You know , I 'd like to ask a question , why is it so , why is it so frightening to spoil yourself ? , why is it such a , a wrong thing to spoil yourself , erm we 've been talking about make up we 've been talking about
24 You know , I 'd like to ask a question , why is it so , why is it so frightening to spoil yourself ? , why is it such a , a wrong thing to spoil yourself , erm we 've been talking about make up we 've been talking about
25 to other things , we 've kind of veered of the , one of the subjects that we were er , we did get onto which was how the police and the courts er handle er well victims and indeed criminals , I wonder if I might conflate erm both those groups into one question , its a very broad question , but I wonder if you think by and large the police do a good job , erm button one for yes and button two for no , erm and the majority here say yes , seventy seventy people say yes the , the police do a good job and since we 've talked about the courts do you think the courts do a good job by and large ? , we 've been talking specifically about erm some of the more bizarre erm statements that have come from the bench , particularly in with reference to crimes erm , that have treated against women , well now , seventy nine say no , so the police comes thumbs up , but the courts are way down , now not surprisingly there are n't many representatives from the courts er amongst this hundred
26 That 's two different kinds of love though then , love , loving your neighbour I suppose is the widest sense and er and the love between a parent and child , are those more recognisable as , as true love if you like than the kind of romantic love , sexual love that we 've been talking about , yes
27 Yeah I 'm , I 'm interested that that so many of you go from love to marriage as er swiftly as the horse and carriage similarly would suggest , I mean it , every one 's experience of love is , is different , every body here is , we 've been talking about love between er men and women , but there 's also love between women and women which we have n't talked about at all .
28 we 've been talking about individuals and what they want , and we live in a context in which if people want a thing and the , and we feel that they should have the choice particularly if they have the money that if to , if you look at it in a wider context there are seven million children living on the streets in Brazil !
29 I was just gon na say , we 've been talking about equality a lot tonight
30 well needs a I think one of the things we discussed in the branch action group meeting is actually , were n't quite sure what the cos we 'd been sending out for quite less than ten of the branches because to do something to them which was mm apparently lots of them in but erm well they keep disappearing so that the what we 've been talking about is to try and get some points erm health and safety station within the branch , which actually just has all this stuff for it .
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