Example sentences of "just happened to " in BNC.

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1 That small problem solved itself readily : one door stood open with Bruce Davidson leaning on the side in a careful presentation of a man who had just happened to be passing .
2 But suppose that nearly all the entries had just happened to be nasty .
3 And it has just happened to Kate Moss at the tender age of 18 .
4 When all the time I had actually been with him I had always realized he was the type to make a pass at the nearest girl with his last gasp , and I had just happened to be that girl .
5 It was just happened to be spotted by Richard , fortunately , whilst he was erm , between jobs and actually being up a steps , walked in a saw the smoke coming out of one of the er , main switch areas .
6 And er we were on that for about an hour or so and then they got rid of the the badly injured were taken off then and put on the Therris it 's support vessel that was Just happened to be there at the time .
7 I think the thing that occurs to me , erm , they do n't always know , erm , what has just happened to you .
8 It 's just happened to er you 're gon na have to get some what they call it ?
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