Example sentences of "just around the " in BNC.

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1 Yet it is easy for pioneer users and IT investors to remain with the tried and tested applications and miss out on the cutting edge opportunities just around the corner .
2 As it turned out , rather too much excitement was just around the corner .
3 It could just as well have been the 20th birthday of the Eden Gardens tea urn , and as far as the Indian government is concerned , there is nothing like an international cricket tournament for persuading the electorate that , with polling day just around the corner , Rajiv is the boy to vote for .
4 Equally , however , there are respected industry commentators who are certain that the first agreed takeover of a building society is just around the corner .
5 If you achieve this , then a record deal is just around the corner , and you will have earned yourself a strong negotiating position which should enable you to sign the deal you want and not the first deal that is offered .
6 But with their own economy in bad shape , and with the EC 's single market just around the corner , the Swedes will soon be setting sail again .
7 Labour has campaigned strongly on its £1 billion ‘ recovery package ’ while Mr Lilley , a firm believer in Thatcherite non-intervention , has had to rely on promises that recovery is just around the corner .
8 Meanwhile , just around the corner and at the same time , Christie 's South Kensington offers ‘ Lot 78 , a 78 rpm gramophone re cord of Titanic , ‘ Stand to Your Post ’ , and ‘ Be British ’ , under £100 ’ or ‘ 1912 Titanic postcard , personally autographed by four survivors , £100/120 ’ .
9 ‘ There 's a practice area just around the corner and the starter will call you to the tee five minutes before you are due to tee off , ’ he said .
10 Angora II is just around the corner in a quieter cul-de-sac .
11 This manifesto does not promise good times just around the corner .
12 But with 1992 just around the corner a new positive and aggressive attitude towards development of well trained exporters and marketeers is essential if this Province is to compete in the fierce competition which is gaining momentum .
13 This was indeed good advice but considering that the full impact of ‘ 1992 ’ is just around the corner , his advice was rather belated .
14 By this time it was severed just around the corner from Staveley Town South Junction .
15 With the view here towards Kirkby Bentinck , it is interesting to relate that the colour light signal was still glowing red just around the corner .
16 Here , patients do not feel remote because of the closeness of the town with shops , pubs , galleries and parking just around the corner .
17 For years articles like this have been heralding the ‘ impending ’ arrival of a new British Standard for plain clay roofing tiles : good news was just around the corner .
18 Caricature was just around the corner .
19 So far neither are demonstrating much recognition of their respective energy apocalypses just around the corner .
20 Gone are the days when Grandma lived down the road and Auntie Maud was just around the corner , each of them providing a comforting and experienced shoulder for the young mother to lean upon .
21 Home Rule was just around the corner .
22 I 've already mentioned the two general stores in Gigant Street , Whitlock 's and Moody 's , and just around the corner were two bakers , Naish 's and Robbins ' , trading in Trinity Street .
23 But now that retirement is just around the corner we are all really looking forward to spending more time there .
24 So far no-one has succeded in activating methane , but if the current rate of progress is maintained that feat must be just around the corner .
25 Even then , when others were talking of fusion reactors being just around the corner , Cockcroft warmed that ‘ it is difficult for us with our limited vision to see far enough ahead to say whether and when the final goal can be achieved .
26 Yet the public is regularly given the impression that a general solution to the problem of natural-language understanding has been found , and that computers with the ability to chat to us and with various other human characteristics are just around the corner .
27 Just around the corner from Sion House they found a narrow five-story terraced house built in the 1840s but impeccably Georgian in every other respect .
28 There 's a foodstall just around the corridor .
29 Everyone stayed awake instead , believing that something exciting had to be just around the corner .
30 ‘ It 's just around the next corner .
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