Example sentences of "did [not/n't] go " in BNC.

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1 Nevertheless , he did not go to university unwillingly .
2 She did not go to the room with the twin beds but to the single room with the sloping ceiling .
3 The exotic land-prepared dishes did not go down well .
4 Both of these places are within walking distance of Docklands but I did not go to the Great British Beer Festival .
5 But I did not go to the Great British Beer Festival .
6 Easthope believes that the modernist concept of ‘ impersonality ’ , later systematized in the New Criticism , and theorized by Wimsatt and Beardsley in their famous essay ‘ The Intentional Fallacy ’ , was on the right lines , but did not go far enough , as the author was not really banished .
7 JOHN PRESCOTT did not go to university , was never a television presenter , and finds it exceedingly difficult to complete a grammatically correct sentence .
8 If the complete Porgy reveals anything , it is that Gershwin did not go straight from one hit to another ( as we did here , from ‘ Summertime ’ to ‘ A Woman is a Sometime Thing ’ ) .
9 Four Hearts , on the other hand , was not a success although the play did not go quite as you might think .
10 But the pomp and splendour did not go down so well with Craig Chalmers .
11 Many reformers also complained that the new party 's founding document , adopted on Saturday by an 80 per cent majority , did not go far enough .
12 MOSCOW ( Reuter ) — A Soviet parliamentary committee rejected the government 's proposed budget and economic plan for 1990 saying it did not go far enough in adapting the Soviet planned economy to competition and market forces .
13 My answer did not go down well with the Officer with the lather on his face .
14 In the more remote localities Bolshevik officials , desperate for transport facilities , ‘ ignored NEP and all its works , and commandeered right and left as if military Communism [ War Communism ] was still pure and undefiled ’ , yet another indication that military methods did not go completely out of fashion with the advent of NEP .
15 An agitated old lady addressed Ramsey severely and asked why he did not go back to his own country and do good there instead of stirring up trouble in the United States .
16 The result of all this politics — and Ramsey 's sense that he might be reading the wrong subject , because his interests were now more modern than ancient — meant that his classics did not go as might be expected of someone who won a scholarship .
17 He afterwards thought this refusal very foolish and regretted that he did not go .
18 Since all the teachers in the faculty hitherto were Anglican , this choice of a Methodist for a key post did not go unobserved .
19 It did not go of its own accord .
20 She did not go to the post office the next evening or the next .
21 Outwardly it had been the easiest and quietest of times that the house had ever known but the unease did not go away .
22 Even the otherwise haughty Surrey committee was moved to complain about this lack of common courtesy , though naturally they did not go so far as to suggest meals should be taken in common .
23 All did not go against the Key Company , however ; prisoners were taken at some of the incidents , some carrying vital information .
24 The life of the University both did and did not go on .
25 The girls admitted they did not go to discos , but said they had friends .
26 Describing the American feature film , The Last Temptation of Christ , to which he awarded a certificate , as a challenging religious film he said that acontroversial scene : ‘ It indicated that Christ had sex , but it did not go on for 14 minutes . ’
27 However , Mrs Thatcher did not go into any detail about how the suggested British scheme for allowing different currencies to compete freely throughout the Community would necessarily produce the kind of central bank and co-ordinated monetary and economic policies which the others believe is essential .
28 Some dubbed it a cosmetic exercise which did not go far enough and said too many concessions had already been made to industry .
29 Proposals to curb litter and waste did not go far enough and would land local authorities with extra bills but no additional resources .
30 This did not go down well .
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