Example sentences of "two months time " in BNC.

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1 er , so I 've a , is n't it , it 's a case of no news is possibly good news again , erm , I 'm trying to get in touch with the National Co-Organiser for Carl and John without er any success erm , I know he was going to the erm , the British Section just erm , he was gon na check on them and what actions were forthcoming but er , I have n't heard about that erm , I dare say there 's some on the way erm , the erm , the other few points were erm Jackie 's talk last month she mentioned that erm she was gon na give sort of the more forms sort of side presentation and stuff at their centre in North London , I 've got ta date for that now , it 's erm the eighteenth of March , which is a Wednesday so eh , I 'll certainly be going , if anybody else is interested that 's er , that 's the date er , it 's , it 's not entirely to do with but it , it has a link in , erm we were mentioning campaigns last month , I believe there 's a fourth coming one on , indigenous peoples , which , er , it 's , it 's all sort of triggered off by erm the er five hundredth anniversary of Columbus discovering the Americas erm , the erm cast and the whole of all the sort of the Region and Action networks and the Americas are , erm gon na have a big link in with that campaign so , erm , I , I 'd really like to see us sort of getting involved with that , yes , and , I mean , I 'll be involved to an extent anyway , cos some of the actions that I 'll getting will be sort of addressing the issue of indigenous people 's but erm , erm , they if , if nobody else is wiling to take it on , I 'll , I 'll , I 'd certainly be prepared to erm , sort of co-ordinate that campaign , erm , having said all that , erm I mentioned to a few people that erm , erm in the process of buying a house , so erm I could be moving in well hopefully as little as two months time so erm , I mean if er is as quite as it has been for the last few months , I probably wo n't have any problems , but erm , sod 's law it 's bound to pick up just as I 'm moving house
2 So , so , two months time we should know where we 're going ?
3 The lease runs out in two months time but the landlord has told me that I am not entitled to a new one because the lease is an excluded one .
4 So we sent out letters to other potential funders saying the New Internationalist would close in two months time … unless .
5 I 'll be sixty five in two months time Art , it 's time for a move , they 'll be a lot of time on my hands .
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