Example sentences of "two days ' " in BNC.

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1 The poem would arrive in two days ' time .
2 The last two days ' scenes of disarray , including some fisticuffs , caused by the exclusion of far-right MEPs from the leadership of two delegations to foreign parliaments , are demeaning to the European Parliament , and bode ill .
3 The two-month period between finishing his Special-to-Theatre EOD course at the School of Ammunition and arriving in the Province suddenly became two days ' notice , due to a shortfall in EOD Operators .
4 The curds of two days ' cheesemaking are mixed together before being milled and pressed .
5 Coke reserves are said to have dwindled to only 700,000 tonnes — two days ' supply .
6 In two days ' time ( 7th May ) , it would be the forty-fifth anniversary of the final German surrender in the Second World War though the cease-fire was not to take effect until midnight on 8th May .
7 We will also establish a work programme , combining three days a week work for the unemployed — paid at the proper rate — with two days ' training and job seeking .
8 This saving of time , together with our two days ' leave , gave us a full forty-eight hours at home .
9 Wendy and I saved up two days ' leave for New Year , and we decided to spend it with my cousin , through whom we had the marriage connection .
10 In 1966 , Peter Bogdanovich , by then an assistant director and part-time scriptwriter for Corman , was given his chance to direct a thriller called Targets in which Boris Karloff was cast because he still owed Corman two days ' work .
11 There 's two days ' reading in that heap , easy .
12 Word came back in two days ' time that Sigarup was getting better .
13 The price of ten shillings for a flight was two days ' pay for my father , so our pleasure was to watch and munch on salmon and cucumber sandwiches , never ever thinking that we might at some time aspire to those heights .
14 We can only guess whether inter-racial bickering — or even rows over bad food ! — might explain such a bizarre two days ' events .
15 Two days ' notice is generally required for withdrawals .
16 the Arctic night , with no sunrise from 10 December to 3 January in these latitudes , tempted Admiral Hamilton to keep the strike force of eight destroyers and the cruiser HMS Arethusa in support of a prolonged visit , until a German bomb fell close to the cruiser , forcing the decision to withdraw after two days ' occupation .
17 But Murray was determined , and eager to be off eastwards without delay , for Balliol had already had two days ' lead .
18 Less than two days ' hard riding .
19 In two days ' time we reached Pakoku where many of the Anglo-Burmans begged me to disembark and try to walk out of Burma with them , but Rachel was still very sick and I said I would go on to Mandalay and hope to find a doctor there .
20 Feedback and evaluation of the two days ' work was made before the participants dispersed .
21 So we actually ended up with two days ' climbing .
22 At VAG and Associated British Ports , employees are given two days ' special leave at the time of the move .
23 The fourth reported death was that of Agit Salman , a taxi driver who was detained on 27 April and died in Adana Police Headquarters on 29 April after two days ' interrogation .
24 Since the thrice-weekly visit of the ferry brought all the island 's mail and supplies , and the post office was very small , the place was crowded , and the postmistress , busily sorting through a pile of mail and newspapers , while exchanging two days ' news in Gaelic with the ferry 's master , had no glance to spare for me .
25 Following two days ' rest Venables and Renshaw set off for a final attempt taking a more direct line , avoiding sections of 70 degree snow and ice by passages of rock and mixed climbing .
26 The continued need for economy was reflected by their rejection of the chaplain 's request for three dozen copies of the hymns for the Coronation Service , and the carpenter , the bricklayer and the engineer were granted two days ' extra holiday ( but were paid for one day only ) .
27 Gentle begged him to be a little more lenient , to which Klein said he 'd call Gentle 's studio in two days ' time , and if he received no answer would assume their deal was no longer valid .
28 In the event , the document proved so unacceptable that after two days ' debate it was sent back for thorough revision .
29 An audit of prescribing of gentamicin in Leicester showed that this approach considerably increased the number of gentamicin concentration that were within the therapeutic range when measured after one to two days ' treatment .
30 Liz sees the profit in investing two days ' selection time to hire a top-flight sales person .
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