Example sentences of "two days [noun] " in BNC.

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1 We saw in the cemetery a pile of about 60–70 corpses , two days accumulation ( not reckoning the private burials ) , waiting to be tumbled into a pit , and also a pit full of other corpses .
2 How he had been with the mule packers on that campaign of the 3rd Cavalry 's , chasing down into Mexico after the bands of Chato and Chihuahua and got his new name in a meadow high in the Sierra Madre , two days west of the village of Tesorababi .
3 and it would appear in the simple times , before mine , even I had experience at Newark , that men could get a sub in the week because you 're actually in two days you 've actually earnt two days money and you have n't got it .
4 During the last two days labourers had climbed every local coconut tree to find enough nuts at the precise stage when the juice starts turning into flesh .
5 Even one or two days delay is significant , with the potential savings in respect of lost interest and other benefits in the order of £500,000 a year .
6 Anyway the plan is today and tomorrow off , then two days rehearsal for the capsizing of the raft , then Friday the big deal .
7 The effect of the resignation was increased by its suddenness : within two days Law had laid down all his offices and gone abroad .
8 The " Islay Parliament " agreed in 1755 that the local people should do two days work repairing the road from Kintra to Kenobus Mill .
9 Paper has been smuggled from Croatia on horseback over the mountains which is very dodgy , and for two days Oslobodjenje was printed on blue and yellow paper as the white had run out .
10 I passed my medical check and after two days Alex , Chris , myself and a dozen others were ordered to report for our Intelligence tests which were held in a metal hut at the back of the compound .
11 One day £50 ; two days £85 .
12 After two days Sheila announced truculently , ‘ I 'm not going to the university .
13 I had boils and chilblains all over my hands , had had two days food poisoning ( when I had vomited over the Sergeant-Major 's jeep ) , and was tired all the time .
14 Labour has a more fully developed programme for the long-term unemployed , including three days work a week and two days training .
15 After two days McRae was two seconds ahead of the pack and a good bet for Britain 's first win in the Lombard RAC Rally since Roger Clark in 1976 — and the sponsors ' six-figure bonus .
16 Erm in planning terms I five , that 's where all these last two days string together , I five does not enable this kind of inward investment to come .
17 Students who lose one or two days tuition because of the Easter holiday weekend will receive a pro-rata reduction in tuition fees .
18 The emphasis on map and compass skills comes in the wake of a near disaster last August when a group of 14 children and their young leader were airlifted to safety after being lost for two days east of Dalwhinnie in the Highlands .
19 He immediately rang the Oxford Mission sisters , and by the time we reached them in a taxi they had beds prepared and a doctor called , and in two days Mig was well again .
20 The two days Maxim spent ambushing his own followers and then kicked into exile by George .
21 for two days Signe and I waited for Harvey Newbegin to return .
22 During the next two days Corbett stayed in his cell , recuperating from the journey and forced imprisonment .
23 They asked us to go back to see a doctor from the Christie Hospital in Manchester in two days time .
24 Because , after all , no-one had , as yet , told him that Presley City was going to be little more than blackened rubble in just two days time .
25 In two days time .
26 In two days time the DIVAS will be seen performing their close harmony act in new ITV series for rising stars called ’ Pot of Gold ’ .
27 She was only in a in a she said she was earlier than the other one and the other came in two days time .
28 Not the Saturday two days time ?
29 The main change is that the periods laid down for these notices are now in days instead of hours : two days notice is required for the commencement of building works .
30 Adopters may receive little warning of an imminent placement , and may have as little as one to two days notice .
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