Example sentences of "do [not/n't] go " in BNC.

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1 Maybe fire is the opposite principle to light , and comes to the use of those who do not go the way of light .
2 Do not go out on the streets , he begged his compatriots — instead , put a lighted candle in the window for reform .
3 Philip Healey , Acquisitions Monthly editor , said UK companies do not go for smaller acquisitions out of choice .
4 However , believing that the reforms do not go far enough , and backed by the National Council for Civil Liberties ( Liberty ) and The Independent , he is still pursuing the campaign to the European courts .
5 You do not go out after a dragon with hounds and huntsmen ; nor with gangs of labourers to dig pits and set fires and lay traps .
6 The status of women has several aspects which themselves do not go simple together .
7 It said ‘ do not go on the grass ’ , translated literally from the Norwegian — somehow the story does n't work so well in English .
8 • When you feel tired in the evening , do not go to bed yet — find something interesting to do : an evening stroll , for example or a visit to friends .
9 After dropping their weapons off — the RMP do not go armed into the Soviet Sector — with the Checkpoint Duty NCO , they arrive at the accident shortly after a Volkspolizei ( People 's Police ) patrol has turned up .
10 Mrs Thatcher said that pay review bodies were only ‘ given to those who do not go on strike , like the nurses ’ , and that some ‘ militant ’ ambulancemen wanted to withdraw the emergency service across the country to force through their pay claim .
11 Having boasted at length of his near-photographic memory and profound passion for poetry , he ends his book by saying ‘ I shall follow the advice of W.B. Yeats : ‘ Do not go gentle into that good night/Old age should burn and rage at close of day . '
12 They cite Germany 's Abitur , where school-leavers are graded in eight subjects , and where their grading wins them entry into an apprenticeship if they do not go to university .
13 Not long ago European companies could issue paper on the strength of their names alone ; domestic investors would buy , believing that famous companies do not go bust .
14 I want to submit that it means that we do not go to the world with a watertight message which demands ‘ take it or leave it ’ .
15 Do not go into cafés , browse in cake shops , linger over the chocolate counter , or bake a batch of biscuits .
16 Decide on the time off the diet , plan proper balanced meals with the odd luxury for this period , and do not go wild and regain your lost weight .
17 His phone calls do not go unanswered , and because few councillors or officials will decline to speak to him he has a disproportionately influential voice on questions like the route of a planned by-pass .
18 There is , in fact , every indication that Karajan was acutely aware of the temper of the times , though to find evidence of this we do not go to the random rag-bag of recordings he was permitted to make in the early 1940s but to what he immediately turned his mind to with Legge in Vienna in 1947 : Strauss 's Metamorphosen , a recording , still , of unparalleled intensity , and the Brahms German Requiem , a performance ( it was said to be one of Toscanini , s favourite records ) of unbearable directness and poignancy of utterance .
19 ‘ I have been training , and I do not go to the London marathon for sightseeing .
20 They do not go up hills or through mountains .
21 Males do not go on to construct further nests as polygynous weavers of more productive lands do .
22 ‘ We are not a national daily ; we do not go in for moral crusades . ’
23 1 long hook on a stick ( to retrieve children 's toys , balls , etc. , which roll way beyond red cordon which says DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS RED CORDON )
24 With the exception of the astronauts who visited the Moon , space travellers do not go beyond low-Earth orbit , where even the attenuated magnetic field and atmosphere provide some protection from radiation .
25 All these three new developments are in the direction which this book advocates , but they do not go nearly far enough .
26 I feel you should pick and choose your events carefully , do not run each weekend and if it is hard do not go too fast .
27 They do not go there directly .
28 But do not go too far .
29 In the meantime , the vast majority of Indian children either do not go to school or do not reach the end of primary school .
30 Of those who do attend , many do not go until the age of eight or nine because the schools can not fit them in .
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