Example sentences of "were talking to " in BNC.

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1 telephone conversation took place , as if two deaf people were talking to each other on a rowdy main road , but fragments of conversation filtered through as Frau Nordern repeated what Karl , presumably , was saying .
2 He said the police were talking to everyone Angie had seen in the two weeks before she … well … vanished , and so far had come up with nothing .
3 They had checked Angela 's diary for the two weeks before she had gone missing and were talking to everyone in it . ’
4 ‘ But if I tell you , ’ Harriet Shakespeare said , as though she were talking to an idiot , ‘ I 'm putting Liam 's life in worse danger .
5 It was fascinating to hear hir talk ; pretending first one minute you were talking to a girl , and then the next , a boy .
6 They were talking to each other loudly as if to keep lurking wood-spirits at bay , and I did vividly remember that teenage spooky feeling of being alone in wild woodland and at the mercy of supernatural eyes .
7 ‘ Was he in the kitchen all the time we were talking to Miss Harker ? ’
8 He stared at the table as if he were talking to himself .
9 Every now and again people would step neatly aside while the person they were talking to was sick on the floor .
10 At the foot of the stairs , a couple of officers of the Grand Army , whose epaulettes proclaimed them members of Davout 's staff , were talking to an ashen-faced Moreau .
11 On another occasion , a woman cousin met me there and we stood talking , ‘ Who was that woman you were talking to ? ’
12 If you were talking to a prostitute on the beat , you 'd get booked for gossiping — for idling your time .
13 As Pathfinders they had the extra advantage of being able to use all the latest radar equipment to enable them to see through the layers of cloud , and when they were talking to Met Officers we would hear mysterious references to ‘ Gee ’ and ‘ H2S ’ .
14 Lula and Claire were talking to her , a sort of duet : Lula was persuasive and chatty , Claire chimed in with sharp ideological comments or scornful snorts : hard cop , soft cop .
15 Few people , I discovered , looked directly at a waiter 's eyes , even when they were talking to him .
16 Have I remembered to do that ? ) sometimes kindly people try so hard to get their message across that one would think that they were talking to a mentally backward five-year-old !
17 ‘ You were talking to yourself , love , and , well , sitting all alone and with your eyes closed .
18 Mr Bush and Mrs Hartridge were talking to an elderly lady .
19 One day I was in the wheelchair and people were talking to John and Jo but ignoring me .
20 ‘ No Villanuova has ever had a job , that 's why , ’ he replied as if he were talking to a child .
21 ‘ I thought that one of the most interesting things about the Manson case was how they thought that The Beatles were talking to them , and that they thought The Beatles were the four horsemen of the apocalypse mentioned in the Bible .
22 She held out her hand , palm upwards now , and moved her head slowly as she looked at Aggie as if she were talking to a friend who would understand that a cousin of hers had not married beneath her .
23 Any systematic variation must have been the result of the reaction of passers-by to the apparent social class of the person they were talking to , since all other variables were held constant .
24 When he spoke again , it was as though he were talking to himself .
25 Mm some people decided they were going to work as a , as a group on their table , to gather information and when you were doing the tallies last week , you helped each other did n't you , some of you helped , you were talking to one another to help make sure that you got the right number of tallies , if you worked with some other people to get the survey questions and do the tallies , sign it , if you did everything on your own , leave it blank is anyone not sure what to do there ?
26 I give them to that solicitor that , I were talking to .
27 ‘ You were talking to Charles , ’ said Liz , accusing , as she crossed to the sideboard to pour herself a drink .
28 It sounded as though she were talking to someone she knew well , or at least had dealt with previously , because she called her interlocutor ‘ Tonio ’ and smiled continuously as though engaged in invisible wooing and sometimes she laughed .
29 ‘ Who was the hunk you were talking to ? ’ asked Elaine .
30 They were talking to Perks , the Porter , who was on the other side of the line .
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