Example sentences of "n't be said " in BNC.

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1 There is very little to say about the new Robert Zemeckis film that has n't been said about the old one .
2 In case it has n't been said before , I shall say it now : a Bentley is one of the least demanding cars to drive .
3 Perhaps this is true of some farmers , but it certainly could n't be said of Small 's enterprise .
4 Of course , I would be very guarded about allowing the Wizard from Oz 's sound to be the sole influence in choosing an instrument , because it ca n't be said often enough that a player 's style is almost as individual as his DNA .
5 A person who has parked his car on a road and left it unattended ca n't be said to be the driver of this offence .
6 Back then , those things which could n't be said were hinted at in the grain of those luscious voices .
7 ‘ But in the case of such an animated film , there would n't be anything behind the cartoon sofa ; not only that , the sofa could n't be said to have a behind at all .
8 Although Quattro Pro 4 ca n't be said to make any task easier than in an equivalent Windows spreadsheet , what it does prove is that with very little limitation a DOS product can manage the same job as a Windows product any trouble at all .
9 Fortunately , the same ca n't be said of ‘ The Caterpillar ’ .
10 ‘ Well , that ca n't be said of you ! ’
11 Fortunately , the same ca n't be said of ‘ The Caterpillar ’ .
12 For want of about £2 million , the same ca n't be said of the Vulcan Bomber .
13 I 'm grateful , that 's for today , erm my Lord it may sound slightly more erm contentious , but I 'd also ask for certificate for counsel for the thirteenth of August hearing , may I say the reason for that , it 's a matter that has n't come before you , you wo n't know about , it 's this , this reason , because at that period it was n't just the application under twenty eighty or twenty eight , four for delay there was another application er , which was unsuccessful which has n't been proceed today , but cost were also disallowed with more serious reason , I submit that said showed er negligent or that improper conduct , there was a substantial attack mounted , and I can use no other words fairly describe it on the professional conduct of and for that reason my Lord er both cos the seriousness of the allegations , but of course also because of the potential conflict that they acted for themselves and it would of been in situation for us solicitor hence to turn up , er they instructed counsel and my self , and so for that double reason in my believe we should be entitled to at , at first stage , ordinarily I would n't of had a very good run for argument but I , it 's my suspicion my clue recollection , be backed up by those behind me , and indeed by the documents that a substantial attack was mounted and it was in , I have to say in full flight terms , and much hence could n't be said to be unreasonable to deem if necessarily , unusually to send counsel in front of a taxing master , well I wo n't say any more on the point , but that is my suspicion
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