Example sentences of "we happened to " in BNC.

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1 We happened to be at the mortuary … not that it will make any difference , but there is one thing we thought you would find interesting . ’
2 If we were all hay fever prone , then whenever we happened to be in a place where the pollen count was high , our eyes would start streaming and our noses running .
3 I could n't see many people ; most of the lights had been turned off , and we happened to be sitting in the patch of light thrown by one small lamp .
4 Then one of the travelling craftsmen came out from the town and lined the cart , trap or wagon we happened to be making : that means he painted the finishing touches , the lines on the wheels and the panels .
5 We happened to be talking about the diary habit which , nowadays , seems to be largely confined to politicians . ’
6 We happened to be in the same place at the same time a couple of months ago , ’ she replied , terse and offhand .
7 So we were popular , and courted popularity , because we happened to be the sort of person society preferred , neotenic , forever in the larval stage .
8 It was a massive vehicle with a 3.3 litre diesel engine , and it was marvellous because we could park for the night where we happened to be .
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