Example sentences of "has been recognised " in BNC.

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1 The success of the initial pilot programme has been recognised by the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Health Education and led to Maurice , Kate and Ana meeting with Government officials and representatives from UNICEF to establish a long-term training programme in five Romanian regions , starting in November of this year .
2 ACET 's work with the churches in Africa and Romania has been recognised and supported by UNICEF , the World Health Organisation and by TEAR Fund .
3 This has been recognised for some time , perhaps most articulately in France , as one of the attainments to be expected from a top-class academic teacher and researcher , with an outstanding ability in accurate communication with the men ( and women ) in the street : haute popularisation .
4 For the past decade , at least , it has been recognised that quality exists above and beyond any guide 's objective star rating .
5 ‘ It has been recognised that maybe the proposals are too extreme , particularly in respect of the infantry , ’ says one informed source .
6 Though the problem of radiation embrittlement has been recognised since the outset of the civil Magnox programme in the early 1960s , the inspectorate called for more evidence of the safety of Magnox plants in 1990 after it found the rate of embrittlement may have been faster than predicted .
7 This interdependence of general economic policy with monetary policy has been recognised by the French government as well : one monetary policy means one economic policy .
8 Although the term ‘ untrainable ’ may still be found in official classifications of mental handicap to describe the profoundly handicapped , it has been recognised officially since 1971 that no child is ineducable .
9 It has been recognised how difficult it is to attribute accurately the effect of humans on soil erosion ( Stocking 1978b : 130 ) because of the uncontrolled nature of many other crucial variables , such as climatic change .
10 Nigeria 's soil erosion problem has been recognised as extremely serious but conservation has only become a national concern during the Third National Plan ( 1975–80 ) .
11 Although there was an exportable surplus of nearly 30 million tonnes in 1984 the approaching threat to self-sufficiency has been recognised .
12 Abuse of children has been recognised as an important concern because children are seen to represent the future ; to abuse them is to abuse the future welfare of the nation .
13 In recent years , radon has been recognised as the main source of human exposure to ionising radiation .
14 Indeed , the role of fibrinogen in platelet aggregation has been recognised for many years ( Born & Cross , 1964 ; Brinkhaus et al , 1965 ) .
15 Apparently it has been recognised for over a decade that chlorine from chlorofluorocarbons may deplete the stratospheric ozone layer .
16 This property has been recognised in many plant species .
17 It has been recognised that without sufficient processing capacity a potentially serious waste problem could arise .
18 The first pre-retirement courses were held in the United States in 1949 , but it is only in the last ten to fifteen years that the need for them has been recognised in the United Kingdom .
19 The importance of situational analysis as a preliminary to curriculum design has been recognised , investment has been made and important questions are being asked .
20 In all cases the necessity of balancing professional and academic requirements has been recognised , with the inexorable move toward a ‘ graduate ’ profession being accepted responsibly , though more slowly than for similar professions : ‘ It is a matter for concern that , compared with other professions surveying has not made a greater impact upon university life and thought in general ’ ( Wells Report , 1960 ) .
21 The same applies , of course , to other denominations and has been recognised in Britain as qualifying for state support .
22 That was never true — and has been recognised , even by socialists , as only a fraction of the explanation .
23 This has been recognised , and my practice is being amended in order to facilitate this .
24 ‘ Television could be a fair greater waste of time from a developmental or social learning point of view than has been recognised . ’
25 THE meteoric rise to rugby fame of Nigel Walker , the former Olympic hurdler , has been recognised by the Welsh selectors .
26 The importance of accountability relationships to economic success has been recognised by those writers who point to the rise of the Japanese version of ‘ collective ’ capitalism .
27 This has been recognised in particular by UK companies , and only a minority of large UK companies do not now use graphical means of data presentation in their corporate annual reports .
28 The need for such a centre has been recognised for some time .
29 With the original tidal basin completely refurbished and the new locked basin fully operational , its standing among the best has been recognised by the award of 5 Gold Anchors , the only marina on the South East or East Coasts to receive this top rating .
30 Attention to detail and our high level of engineering integrity has been recognised by the top yacht designers and has led to constant involvement in rigs for all yacht projects from seventy to three hundred feet .
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