Example sentences of "been talking to " in BNC.

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1 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
2 Astra has already been talking to officials of the Commons about its planned service , based on the American C-Span cable network , which performs a similar function .
3 Mr Perelman has been talking to Shearson and its parent , American Express , about buying a 20 per cent shareholding in the broking business .
4 The Queen has been talking to prime ministers every week since the early fifties : when it comes to practical experience , she is better placed to give advice than her own advisers .
5 We have been talking to the horse , stroking it , and trying to reassure it .
6 Mr Hagger and his partner , Dave Jennings , had been talking to a Birmingham broker about raising several million pounds of working capital .
7 I have been talking to the whites many years about the lands in question , and it is strange they can not understand me ; the country they claim belonged to my father , and when he died it was given to me and my people , and I will not leave it until I am compelled to .
8 The same Rory she 'd been talking to just before he and his wife Harriet died .
9 I have been talking to colleagues here in Oxford about the use of OALDCE 3/e in one of your hand held devices .
10 ‘ You 've been talking to the girls ? ’
11 I told him I 'd been talking to Richie .
12 The two who had been talking to me went with the others back to their vehicle .
13 ‘ If what this girl says is true , you 'll find proof of their guilt in the car , sergeant , ’ said the stout man who had been talking to the keeper .
14 She is simply an older version of the woman you have just been talking to , and so the farce goes into Round Two with defeat for the customer the only possible outcome .
15 She had been talking to Lapointe , which no doubt explained why she had misheard .
16 At least he was n't going to pretend he had n't been talking to her .
17 ‘ I like the quiet of Beckenham , where no one bothers your balls , ’ said Dad , thinking that that was the end of the matter , as it would have been had he been talking to Mum .
18 ‘ I 've been talking to people about this , 'cos everyone thinks the video is so sexy , you know .
19 We 've been talking to cinemas in London and will bring it over there soon . ’
20 When he did not return for quite a while , she guessed they had been talking to each other about her .
21 ‘ She 's been talking to you about me then ? ’
22 It 's I who have been talking to her .
23 But like you , he has been talking to my shipping office in Monaco and learns that there has been no communication for four days .
24 When you and Chantal arrived at that accommodation agency I had just been talking to the proprietor .
25 ‘ Has someone been talking to you ?
26 ‘ She upset her hosts by her grumpy behaviour in Korea and we believe she 's been talking to Morton 's people again .
27 ‘ But you 've only been talking to them for a little while ! ’ said Angalo .
28 Mr. Edmonds has been talking to himself for years … now everyone listens
29 He might have been talking to the sheep when he said softly :
30 ‘ I 've just been talking to your aunt on the phone .
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