Example sentences of "not go [adv] " in BNC.

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1 I could not go beyond .
2 ‘ All right , Pip , but if she is n't happy to see you , better not go again . ’
3 in the Davis Straits whale fishery ; he had little success and did not go again .
4 A little humility in the medical debate would not go amiss .
5 A little thank you to the Ombudsman would not go amiss .
6 An Italian flair does not go amiss in the Elgar : Accardo 's impetuosity gives a new slant to the score , his intensity in the Andante an immediacy .
7 A bit of patience will not go amiss in this area either : what one sows another reaps .
8 This remained a most important consideration , but some relaxation of the original prohibition would not go amiss .
9 We have all become used to matching colours in the home , and perhaps a little colour co-ordination in the garden would not go amiss .
10 The main purpose of charity events is to raise money for them and rightly so , but it can not go amiss if our reputation is enhanced in the process .
11 The school , of course , had existed for some years now , ever since the Factory Act which her father could not mention without turning purple , had thought it advisable for factory children to be given some education , feeling that an hour or two a week per child , perhaps , of reading , writing and arithmetic , would not go amiss .
12 A little more humility would not go amiss .
13 ‘ A cup that cheers would not go amiss , ’ he remarked .
14 Perhaps a brief reference to some of the careers in which former students have found historical skills and knowledge useful would not go amiss .
15 Another plea may not go amiss .
16 ‘ I might not go just yet … ’
17 It was this , I am thinking , that made Miss Jonathan realize that if the marriage she was about to enter into with a man much different from herself , and older also , would not go well , she would never from a Catholic be obtaining a divorce .
18 On that morning , North dropped by Paul Thompson 's office , beside Poindexter 's , to tell him the gist of his conversation with Meese , ‘ that it did not go well ’ .
19 IBM and Microsoft developed OS/2 together , as they had previously done with DOS , but sales did not go well — the latest claim from IBM is one million copies sold .
20 Perhaps because of all this extra strain , the tour did not go well for Noreen after this .
21 In 1795 , Piper was promoted to Lieutenant and returned to Sydney but things did not go well for him .
22 If things did not go well he took full responsibility .
23 Their tutorials did not go well .
24 Problems also occasionally arise when all does not go well , and this may cause deep and lasting distress .
25 Inquests and births do not go well together .
26 It 's the difference between ‘ That presentation did not go well , because you mumbled ’ and ‘ You made a complete prat of yourself in there . ’
27 Things do not go well , and as they climb higher it become clear that they are also no longer philosophically in tune .
28 My first meeting with the senior management did not go well .
29 If the discussions did not go well it would be his responsibility to organise ‘ mass struggles and freedom fights ’ .
30 The two observations did not go well with each other .
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