Example sentences of "not go [adv] " in BNC.

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1 I could not go beyond .
2 ‘ All right , Pip , but if she is n't happy to see you , better not go again . ’
3 in the Davis Straits whale fishery ; he had little success and did not go again .
4 And it has to be said , he wrote , that its opposite , a feeling of elation , equally physical , equally extra-physical , has also been a constant feature of my life , manifesting itself regularly though impossible to predict , a reeling in the chest this time , the chest and perhaps the throat , a feeling of the heart leaping and the blood pumping , it came when I first took up a brush and made a mark on paper , it came when I picked up the first readymade and felt it transformed by that very action , it came when Madge rang to say she could not go on , when Annie wrote to say she was not coming back , when the idea of the glass first popped into my head .
5 A project is a project , he wrote , and once it is begun it should be carried through to the end , regardless of doubts about meaning , doubts about long runs , or doubts about anything else , unless the body screams for you to stop , of course one can not go on for long against the screaming of the body , but then that merely means one has miscalculated , it merely means one has begun too soon or too late or perhaps that the entire project was a miscalculation .
6 Then , properly managed , perhaps using birth control instead of the crude culls practised by Zimbabwe and its friends , there is no reason why elephants should not go on producing ‘ found ’ ivory ( tusks picked up after natural mortality ) and tourist revenue for ever .
7 But a few minutes after he was launched into the speech he came to a dead stop , stared strangely at the gallery in silence , and could not go on .
8 I will not go on to examine by the same criteria the other manifestations of The Thing , such as the anti-apartheid demonstrations , in which open breach of the law was widely condoned and encouraged by the organs of public opinion .
9 He neither went towards her nor withdrew and she saw it could not go on like that .
10 The life of the University both did and did not go on .
11 Describing the American feature film , The Last Temptation of Christ , to which he awarded a certificate , as a challenging religious film he said that acontroversial scene : ‘ It indicated that Christ had sex , but it did not go on for 14 minutes . ’
12 Yesterday , Mr Baron said that strict justice demanded that ‘ the European Parliament can not go on being regarded as a marginal institution , able only to speak but not to take decisions ’ .
13 Mr Kinnock could not go on ‘ inflicting his anger on the people of Hong Kong ’ .
14 ‘ They are anxious that they should not go on running a system which may in the long term be at a loss , ’ he said .
15 The boy , unlike the dog , knew that the mud did not go on for ever ; beyond the bridge , the disused railway embankment along which they were walking became built up , so that water ran off it .
16 But she would not go on .
17 I am ill , I can not go on . ’
18 ‘ Comrade Vajda , ’ he said , ‘ you can not go on studying two imperialistic languages .
19 Then , at a certain moment , I just could not go on with that any longer .
20 Later , from South Africa , he wrote to thank me for this advice , but now he reciprocated by telling me , with great gentleness , that I should not go on hoping , as he himself had searched the P.O.W. lists , and Leslie 's name was not on any of them .
21 Males do not go on to construct further nests as polygynous weavers of more productive lands do .
22 Her parents refused consent for an operation to remove the obstruction , although there were no grounds to suppose that if the outcome of the operation was successful , Alexandra would not go on to enjoy a life of some longevity .
23 At times Ludens wondered whether this state of affairs might not go on for ever , whether he might not give up his job and become Marcus 's — what ? — friend , secretary , servant , dog .
24 The present idiotic trends can not go on forever , and there could soon be drastic changes .
25 Like a grow-bag , however , they can not go on producing their rich harvests of vegetable crops such as celery and carrots for ever , since once the peat has all wasted away , poor acid subsoils , especially clays , are often all that remain beneath .
26 Arsenal , having won the Cup and two Championships in four years , could not go on for much longer with the same team , and in 1933 Chapman 's major concern was to find replacements to keep the club on top .
27 He was a big fit man but he realised he could not go on much longer , and his iron resolve began to melt in the face of the powers of nature surrounding him .
28 Good advice based on sound theory , perhaps , but the writer does not go on to say how this separating might be accomplished !
29 Ron said that I should not go on to the track and kill myself because I might pull a hamstring .
30 However , the only things which are spelt out are that development can not go on without them , the fact that new skills will be introduced and the fact that incomers might form a catalyst for the rejuvenation of local voluntary groups .
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