Example sentences of "be talking [prep] " in BNC.

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1 If you can drive his car over I get it , it 's no problem , it seems we might all be talking above ourselves
2 We should be talking with them and going out of our way to assure them that we do not wish to engage in a price war .
3 BY 1984 those who sift through your files in police stations , hospitals and local authority housing departments could be talking with artificial intelligence .
4 You do n't want to be talking with this scum . ’
5 They should be talking with an association of employers , but because the government has the heritage of a centralised economy there is no other body with which the unions can solve their problems .
6 Secondly , I shall be talking with Colin Thompson and John Drury about some of the implications of Vatican Two and the forthcoming visit of the Pope .
7 Next week I shall be talking with Paul Yates about education and ethnic minorities .
8 Next week I shall be talking with Peter Stone about how computers are
9 Next week I shall be talking with Tony Nuttall about Shakespeare and the reasons why he 's still regarded by many people as the greatest playwright of all time .
10 Next week I shall be talking with Graham Mayhew , who has recently completed a period in office as Mayor of Lewes .
11 He 's from the Chipping Norton anti-gipsy campaign , and I 'll also be talking with Henry from Standlake about his views on gipsies out there in that village .
12 Well during this programme I 'll be talking with a number of people who are involved in the industry who have their fingers on the pulse of what is commonly known as the tourist industry .
13 We shall therefore be talking to the local chair of Friends of the Earth , whose name just escapes me a minute , yes , we shall be talking with him , thinking about a day .
14 We 'll be talking with Ray Tapper and Nigel Dudding about today 's England France game at Twickenham , and also tomorrow , the final in the Oxfordshire Senior Cup between Henley and Oxford , the match to be played on the Iffley Road ground .
15 Perhaps I should start by telling you something I 'll not be talking about and that is the subject of financial resources and how Lynda 's getting on in her discussions with chief secretary , I do n't suppose that comes to you as any surprise but I shall I not be talking on that but let me say that we remain committed strongly to a substantial aid programme which as far as possible is directed towards the poorest countries .
16 Union Assurance de Paris , which has 19.2 per cent , is said to be talking to Sun 's other big shareholder , the South African controlled Trans-Atlantic Holdings .
17 BSB is also believed to be talking to Ford in the UK about providing communications with its dealers and to the Financial Times about a business service for large companies .
18 It 's them you should be talking to .
19 Gazzer seemed to be talking to himself , not to Marie but , suddenly , he looked straight into her face and said : ‘ Did you tell him where she lived , like you told him about the money ? ’
20 He would clearly have preferred to be talking to Fiona on his other side , but the award was having to be paid for with politeness .
21 He 'd be talking to some man all evening , they 'd be getting on very well indeed as far as we could all see , but then Miss P would still be there alone when the lights went on , and the man would have gone .
22 Some years later I was at dinner with Brian Huggett and he got up and said , ‘ I should n't be talking to this man because he robbed me of the British Open .
23 Very soon I should be talking to English people again , people who were on my side after all .
24 He should n't be talking to a newspaper .
25 He should be talking to a shrink .
26 We should be talking to them now .
27 Those that are still up do at least seem to be talking to each other !
28 She seemed to be talking to herself as she gazed into the fire .
29 In just a few seconds Rob would be talking to her and it would be all right .
30 ‘ They knew that I liked girls and if I had a choice , I would rather be talking to the girls than doing my homework . ’
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