Example sentences of "with the eye " in BNC.

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1 Lisa B looks older than in person , more sophisticated and completely au fait with the eye of the camera .
2 These outer cells , which would otherwise become ordinary skin cells , then differentiate as the lens of the eye : it is the contact with the eye cup that induces them to do so .
3 He pouches the ball with the eye of a major league outfielder , and that is because he was a player of some repute before he gave up the bat for the bag at the start of the 1970s .
5 The gag is the only way of allowing him to feel and check the teeth properly even to the last molars which are situated parallel with the eye .
6 Hold it to the light , with the eye pointing up and down , and you should observe that the thickness of the shaft is scalloped away by 50% just above the eye on the rear face .
7 Work that wire all the way , look upon it as none other than a super-length needle with the eye in the bend of the wire .
8 Examining this structure with the eye of an engineer it is at once evident that very little of the stiffness of the carbon — carbon chain will be reflected in the macroscopic modulus of the plastic since the bonds which control the extension are not the covalent primary bonds but the secondary or van der Waal forces which attach the convolutions of the chain to each other .
9 I find her with the eye .
10 ( 1 ) If seeing something is like eating it with the eye , so that it gives us sensations in our eyes as eating manna gives us ‘ sensations of sickness , and sometimes of acute pains or gripings ’ in our stomachs , then what physically enters the eye comes to have an importance not only for understanding the physical mechanism of visual perception , but also for understand the concept of visual perception .
11 The great strength of Antologia di Belle Arti , and indeed of its editor , is the ability to combine the zeal of the archiver with the eye of the curator , to ferret as effectively for documents as for objects , preferably objets de luxe , forgotten in palaces or bewildered in the marketplace .
12 At the time it was widely held that the early parts of the visual system acted like a closed-circuit television , with the eye acting as the camera and the visual cortex acting as the TV monitor .
13 Jack Higgins leaves Pan with The Eye of the Storm ( Signet ) ; and Craig Thomas ' A Hooded Crow ( Fontana ) is the one that has recently been C formatted .
14 And another thing about directions of , of your hands , upward movements all the time , and make sure with the eye area , go in towards the nose , because if you keep bringing
15 On Sunday mornings during the time of the spring and autumn ploughing , the horsemen often strolled around the parish to view one another 's work , estimating its quality with the eye for detail of an exacting sticker at a furrow-drawing match .
16 In one of those asides , Johnson with the eye of a painter gives the last glimpse of these high ways in 1773 : ‘ Once we saw a corn field , in which a lady was walking with some gentlemen … ’
17 It is possible , with the eye of faith , to describe Goldney garden as Rococo in design , a remote cousin to Painswick in the Cotswolds .
18 With the eye
19 As surveys his operations , is it with the eye of the secretary for mining ?
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