Example sentences of "i know better " in BNC.

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1 In other words : ‘ As an important chap from England , I know better . ’
2 But now I know better .
3 She makes my tea with the same water she boils the eggs , she says she do n't but I know better and you know what that does .
4 ‘ All right , I know better .
5 Still if you mind 's made up , I know better than to argue with you . ’
6 ‘ Oh you say that but I know better .
7 But I know better than to interrupt the hero with my babblings ; instead I ape the satisfied cadaver .
8 ‘ Well , I know better now .
9 And I — fool — think I know better .
10 ‘ Even I know better than that . ’
11 ‘ My lord , I know better than any that I am not his match , ’ said Harry , stung and colouring vividly .
12 He said in a letter to shareholders : ‘ I believe that I know better than anyone what makes Amstrad operate and what needs to be done in order to secure its future .
13 but I knew that before I moved there he says I know better
14 But I knew better than to broadcast those ideas around school .
15 I knew better than to go in .
16 ‘ No , it 's not , in he said , ‘ It 's a Suo , and I should know.in I knew better than to argue with an expert , so I said nothing and quickly caught it instead .
17 I knew better than to inquire .
18 I knew better than to attempt to hug Mr Broadhurst , although that was what I felt like doing , for not only did everything in his manner discourage physical relations , he had also given me a strict injunction .
19 Did I really think I knew better than the FO , full of clever people who were experts on British foreign policy ?
20 Afterwards I felt ashamed that I thought I knew better than they did , especially when they were doing everything for free .
21 I knew better than to interrupt .
22 Only I knew better .
23 Then I knew better .
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