Example sentences of "i knew how " in BNC.

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1 I did not like recipes ; in any case I knew how to cook what my husband liked perfectly well without them .
2 When I got the letter , I knew how angry Isabel would be , too , and perhaps you are angry — you have every right . ’
3 Even so , I knew how the pollsters felt .
4 When he was forced to leave Arabia his sense of loss was enormous : ‘ As the plane … swung out to sea , I knew how it felt to go into exile . ’
5 I knew how willing and sensuous Hawaiian wahini were .
6 It was my rest day but I knew how many aircraft had taken off , and as the sky lightened with the early summer dawn , we waited tensely in Hut 4 for them to return .
7 ‘ Even at the age of eight years old , I knew how much love had gone into that case … ’
8 I wish I knew how reliable Pinder is … he 's so flaming emotional , with his fainting fits and his ‘ emanations of malevolence ’ . '
9 He could tell I fancied her myself , so I assumed he was just making sure I knew how the land lay .
10 ‘ As a midwife I thought I knew how to communicate with mothers , but my skills with deaf women were abysmal , ’ she says
11 I knew how to be assertive and perhaps even then I wanted there to be distance between us , ’ she says .
12 I am a business man and I knew how marketable he was .
13 My motivations were not as clear-cut as those of any contemporary workforce , but there is no doubt in my mind that I was going on strike in the only way I knew how to , and that in this sense Szasz is right to describe anorexia nervosa as a political problem .
14 ‘ That 's why I cried a bit when I scored , because I knew how much it meant to them .
15 I knew how to research this sort of project !
16 I knew how to avoid the sniper fire .
17 I knew how she felt .
18 Though I say it myself , your mother and I knew how to throw a party .
19 I knew how she felt .
20 I knew how to drop into the stereotypes we learn as female sexuality … .
21 As a journalist who over the years had written-up dozens of Honours ' lists for the papers , I knew how the names came in a day early with an embargo .
22 I could learn procedures and facts for a short time and I knew how to regurgitate them for examinations .
23 I knew how much good I could do in a case like this .
24 I 'd been through the trauma of losing a house once before and I knew how demoralizing and degrading it is .
25 Luckily I knew how many there were of them ( 53 if I remember correctly ) so I could count them out again — something which involved a lot of shaking of the shell into a bucket of tank water .
26 I knew how it felt , and it must be worse for a man .
27 ‘ I wish I knew how to tackle him .
28 I felt sure I would never see poor Glumdalclitch again , and I knew how sad she would be to lose me .
29 It was true for some people , because if you act soft when you go in , they do pick on you , but when I got there I knew how to act from being in Bullwood Hall and other places .
30 I wish I knew how much of what he says is true ! ’
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