Example sentences of "i [be] talking " in BNC.

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1 It were bad where erm Have I been talking in that thing all time ?
2 ‘ Andrew , my dear boy , your father and I are talking matters of great pith and moment , ’ replied Clem .
3 I there is a small difference of course , the C E C did say it , but there is dif different negotiating procedures as you 're , you are aware but Mike and I are talking about that and I 'm sure we can overcome it .
4 And it it it 's called the fog index but the thing that 's interesting about it is that I 've got , I 've got some interesting examples of fog indexes erm and you 'll get people like Churchill who sometimes made speeches and their fog index is quite small you 're going to use this you know example and they might have a fog , fog index that 's fine and what Anne and I are talking about with say something like the Telegraph or the Times or whatever , might have a fog index that people but this is because Churchill was very clear , very concise and going back to the original point about , or some of the original points about this , and I was mak raising these issues earlier this evening one of the great sadnesses that I have is that , is that when I first went into journalism the tabloids as we call them were incredibly well written beautifully styled , well researched and okay they might have been punchier and shorter and everything else , compared to the turning up the er the , the Times or whatever , but they were well written and you might have had , if you can put the fog index test , test on it you might have had a fog index of say six or seven compared to eleven on the Telegraph story , but it was still full of clarity like to read .
5 I am talking about phrases which speak to the country by capturing its mood or its hopes .
6 I am talking of people of our calibre ; two or three men , a couple of hundred staff , good solid firms that normally do n't go bankrupt …
7 But here I am talking blissfully about myself in the old fashion !
8 ‘ And he went to the degree of saying , when I pressed him , how are we going to stay in this business ; he said , Albert , for all I know right now when I am talking to you , we could be finished with the business ; I do n't know . ’
9 ‘ But what I am talking about , because it is my business , is mainstream commercial cinema and I do maintain that mainstream cinema should be looking towards its audience .
10 What I am talking of is , I suppose , the sort of progeny one might expect from a mating between the Arkleton Trust and the government-sponsored Plockton seminar
11 I am talking about middle-class , well-to-do men : traders , businessmen … bankers like him ! ’
12 But I am talking about a woman 's rights .
13 ‘ Clearly as I am talking about broadening an audience , I need to talk about broadening the appeal of exhibitions . ’
14 That is to say , I am talking of the likes of Mr Marshall of Charleville House , or Mr Lane of Bridewood .
15 I know what I am talking about .
16 I am not talking about hunting being given the name of culling , I am talking about situations where culling does really look to be the only way to save the vegetation .
17 Barbel fishing in the early days , and I am talking to more than a hundred years ago , was very popular amongst the gentry , who used to employ a man to bait a swim with thousands of lobworms over a period of days , sometimes weeks .
18 Now it might be objected that I am talking here about language knowledge and not communicative behaviour , about how grammar might be learned and not about the development of a language using ability .
19 I am talking here about organized religion , and structured religious forms seem to be based on predominantly ‘ light ’ or ‘ dark ’ principles .
20 ‘ You know what I am talking about , of course ? ’
21 The words probably , likely and unlikely litter the text , even when I am talking about what is widely regarded as fact .
22 I am talking to you . ’
23 What I am talking about are the contexts in which people have sexual relationships .
24 I am talking very quietly so as not to wake mummy , ’ she would say in a very loud voice .
25 ‘ I know what I am talking about .
26 What balls I am talking , ’ he laughed .
28 ‘ I think I am talking for us all when I say that we will gladly work for nothing , just until matters improve , we have all been so happy here at Summer Lodge and each and every one of us would like to stay with you wherever you go . ’
29 If I meet my young son from school , laughing with his friends and waving to me and the dog , who wags its tail and barks in return , should I be supposed not to know what I am talking about if I pronounce them both to be conscious ?
30 Some , at least , of this confusion and inconsistency arise out of misunderstanding as to what is meant by Wages for Housework , so before proceeding any further I propose to change the term in order to indicate ( a ) that I am not spokeswoman for , nor even in complete agreement with , the campaign of that name ; ( b ) that I do not propose to be sidetracked into an interesting discussion of the precise scientific definition of ‘ wage ’ ; what I am talking about is cash , money , pound notes , that to which a housewife is not entitled , that to which she should be ; and ( c ) that there is housework and housework .
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