Example sentences of "to [pos pn] eyes " in BNC.

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1 That brought tears to my eyes and I turned away so that Jeff would n't be able to see them , then fought them back .
2 I could n't make out what was going on so I began walking towards the image , binoculars pressed to my eyes .
3 Mr Redhead could bring God to the godless : his article brought tears to my eyes .
5 Sam pulled the door open and we looked into the scene that was all too familiar to my eyes ; an expanse of muddy water , the hole in the ceiling overhead and the curtain of iron mesh across the exit to the river ; a dock big enough for a moderate-sized cabin cruiser or three or four smaller boats .
6 Fiona watched him with a frown : Lewis 's drinking , even to my eyes , was increasingly without shame .
7 I pulled out the compass , held it horizontally close to my eyes , let the needle settle onto north , looked that way and mapped the first few feet in my mind .
8 In fact , to my eyes , the appearance of informality had been taken to a faintly ludicrous degree .
9 ‘ I 'm up to my eyes this morning , as you can see . ’
10 The schemata are gardens of meditation and when I think of poetry , I am taken to the far country of Li Po , and then I see Thoreau and Jnandas and Rumi and a hundred poets ; their images throng my mind and I am moved and tears come to my eyes .
11 It was n't the wind that brought tears to my eyes as I turned to walk along the cliff path .
12 Honestly I have been Up To My Eyes in it recently .
13 I 've been up to my eyes in mannequins and haute couture . ’
14 That thought brought a lump to my throat , tears to my eyes .
15 The following letter , written later in 1955 , seems to be severely restricted to my eyes , but I think this restriction was lifted when , after Ivy 's death , the letters were sent to Mrs Spurling :
16 To my eyes there was more of strength than refinement in the face … .
17 Tears came to my eyes as I thought that this was my and Miss Louise 's fault .
18 I 'm up to my eyes in it here .
19 He said : ‘ Your report brought tears to my eyes .
20 To my eyes it looks like the pattern , though I know with my head that it 's the background .
21 With × 20 it is almost resolvable at its edges , but not quite — at least to my eyes .
22 To my eyes , the scrum was terrifying .
23 To my eyes this made her look like a strip-dancer at a funeral .
24 That dress you are wearing is an offence to my eyes . ’
25 I raised my hand to my eyes wondering how I could have hit it so hard .
26 I was so offended by her behaviour towards me that tears came to my eyes .
27 I was so hurt by her amazement that tears came to my eyes .
28 Tears came to my eyes and to Bruno 's , but my mother put on a brave face .
29 Tears come to my eyes when I sing songs about saying goodbye , or faithless lovers , or anything like that .
30 Also , the roof is leaking in several places , there are cracks appearing on the parapet , which need , even to my eyes , need to be filled .
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