Example sentences of "to [noun] all " in BNC.

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1 All had been strangled , and according to Christie all except his wife had been subjected to sexual assault at or just after the time of death .
2 Hearing these words , Charlemagne wept , and he gave back to Udalric all he had formerly held " .
3 Soon the calls were going out to groups all over the country .
4 We should be getting at least to March all supplied from us now for the next three or four months it should all be from us .
5 Dee makes plenty of long journeys to clubs all over the country usually in a hired Ford Fiesta , as he does n't own a car .
6 As one of five kids living in the shadow of Filbert Street , Dublin wrote to clubs all over the country and landed a chance at Norwich .
7 I know she 's right , but she should , set an example in some ways , mm people are so used to her now they just look at her and carry on talking silly old bugger , you know , , shut up Deirdre I 'm do n't want to do that , should n't be , cos there was n't much to put on , although they left , left quite a bit off yesterday , they cut short , there was five hundred breast portion short and two hundred oyster eggs , so Deirdre informed me but they injected six hundred too many and four hundred eggs to Tescos all quite ridiculous .
8 With apologies to readers all over the glove ( and especially the innocent contributors ! ) herewith the real version ! :
10 It turns out now that reality is coming to countries all over western Europe , and although I 'm s I 'm sorry to see the difficulties that our colleagues and friends in western Europe are having erm they are beginning to realize that one or two aspirations of the so social contracts may be extremely expensive .
11 At times I feel a wee bit guilty having returned home to Scotland all in one piece , when so many of my friends have died or were badly injured .
12 An a la carte three-course supper for two with a bottle of very drinkable Moroccan red at , say , Le Petit Poucet comes to £10 all in .
13 The abolition of national service , Commonwealth immigration , the entry into the labour market of the ‘ baby boom ’ generation , and the increasing numbers of married women remaining in or returning to work all provided additional supplies of labour .
14 Another notable promotion , to the trade this time , involved Picador 's sending pairs of pink knickers to booksellers all over the country — mostly men — to promote Tama Janowitz' new novel , The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group .
15 They 're sending them out to bookshops all over the country … thousands have already been sold , and the way things are at the moment there does n't look like any let up in sight .
16 Sudden , over-ambitious expansion is certain to lead to disappointments all round .
17 Over the past years we 've made well over 1000 grants to organisations all over the UK , some probably just round the corner from you .
18 Liverpool magistrates heard that the illegal videos he sold to dealers all over Britain included scenes of cannibalism and disembowel ment .
19 This is the way to send gifts or goods up to 2kg all over the world .
20 The Met office has just agreed a prestigious deal with the International Civil Aviation Organisation to provide weather data to airlines all over the world .
21 As an artist , he had always made an adequate living , and Willises , carefully packed in stiff board and oiled paper , were despatched — since a number of his patrons were in the Merchant Navy — to ports all over the world for collection .
22 Well , we got back to Ipswich all right .
23 Surely a much more sensible attitude to resources all round ? ’
24 In January 1296 the king attempted to array all £40 freeholders appropriately equipped , while in November of the same year he distrained all £30 freeholders for knighthood .
25 It put me in mind of the vast River Niger further south , which brings fish and game to villagers all along its course .
26 My master finally realized that he could make a fortune by showing me to people all over the country .
27 Leave out obscure remarks , jargon , and private jokes , otherwise you 'll have to keep explaining them to people all evening .
28 To people all round the world , the word J/24 signifies fast sailing and a great deal of enjoyment .
29 It has tried to make the excellent support the Campaign offers more accessible to people all over Wales who are keen to improve their local environment .
30 Since I have had my C.B. I have spoken to people all over the country and even spoken to people in Ireland and Germany .
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