Example sentences of "it happened to " in BNC.

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1 It happened to us
2 It happened to me
3 It happened to me in Watford many years ago .
4 The reason why absenteeism was non-existent on Thursdays was not just because it happened to be pay day .
5 But tonight , although she had left it open on many other nights , it happened to be locked .
6 When it happened to me I just could not believe it .
7 No , it was a piece I am very fond of and it happened to be in quite a few programmes at that time .
8 ( Foreigners , when it happened to them , sometimes considered it a manifestation of xenophobia ; but such evidence as there is suggests it was indiscriminate , an endemic propensity to sudden rigour which overcame individuals from time to time and afflicted everyone in contact with the official thus possessed . )
9 It was a subjective , not an objective view ; but it happened to be the attitude of a man living in the kingdom which harboured Mary Queen of Scots .
10 Would n't you want to do something about it if it happened to one of your friends ? ’
11 Exactly the same thing had happened in pop music and now it happened to art — hype , control , block-buying .
12 But it happened to be true . ’
13 How it happened to me .
14 Suppose , for the sake of argument , it happened to be the case that marriage weakened the power of a priest to influence his flock , say because it occupied a large proportion of his time and attention .
15 It happened to Sarge .
16 It happened to these two people , who both fortunately had taken out a Personal Accident Plan with Sun Alliance .
17 It happened to these people
18 If it happened to be the first Sunday in the month my mother , my Aunt Gertrude and my two sisters ( after their respective confirmations ) went to early service — 7 o'clock Holy Communion at the Parish Church of St. Martin 's .
19 It happened to me on one occasion when I was about ten .
20 My Dad would murder me if it happened to me . ’
21 It happened to be true .
22 It happened to be my birthday — I 've never had or am likely to have a better birthday dinner , I do n't mind being a year older every year for this !
23 It happened to me
24 It happened to me
25 It happened to me
26 It happened to me
27 On the prototype a 100VA transformer , which was unnecessarily big , but because it happened to be standing on the shelf , was used .
28 Typically , neither Frank nor Jack knew too much about the prostate gland , nor that it could be affected by disease , until it happened to them .
29 No one mentioned it was essential training as a motoring correspondent to have a car crash , but it happened to me in the same gruesome circumstances that confront hundreds of motorists every week .
30 It happened to me as a player at Everton with Gordon Lee 15 years ago .
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